Rusan Pivot Mounts 19mm Height For 35mm Tube


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Rusan Pivot Mounts. 19mm (3/4 Inch) Height. For 35mm (1 1/8 Inch) Tube

Rusan is a Croatian manufacturer that produces mounts and accessories for mounting optics and is well known for making pivot mounts of the EAW type. They are one of the largest manufacturers of such mounts in the EU.  In addition to the production of EAW type mounts, they added their own version of pivot mounts In 2017, which has a modified rear base.

Their base is unique and the only thing that has remained the same is the design of the mounting ring. Elevation adjustment is possible with square spacers. The German AKAH is the largest seller of Rusan’s pivot mounts in the EU. Many such mounts have been sold on the German market together with the Leica Magnus optics.

A unique element of pivot mounts is that the front foot of the scope slides into the front base at a 90 degree angle to the barrel. You then rotate the entire scope around the front base and it will lock into position by the rear base. This makes it very easy to attach and detach the scope.

  • These mounts came off a Sako AV Deluxe 30-06
  • They are in excellent used condition
  • They have Dove-Tail Bases