RANDY:  Colt Anaconda Restoration.  “Yesterday, I picked up my Anaconda from my FFL Just wanted to thank you and your staff for doing such a beautiful restoration job on my Anaconda. In the next few days, I will order a Colt Anaconda Blue case from your company to complete the set.”

BETTY:  Consignment.  “I wanted to write you a note of THANKS for helping my daughter and I sell my deceased husband’s gun collection.  I have appreciated your honesty and professional handling of each piece sold with respect to our wishes!  It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

WALTER:  Colt Python Restoration.  “Thank You John, Louie and Crew. A double Wow! Everything was as advertised and as promised, even completed in less time than I expected. The restoration and workmanship was and/or is First Class. All of the Custom shop personnel were polite and professional in keeping me informed throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend your services and would refer anyone in a heartbeat. Keep up the good work”

FRANK:  Colt Anaconda, Trooper, and Official Police Restorations.  “The Revolvers look outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your shop for any custom revolver work. In fact, I have a friend with a python who may want his reblued in the near future and you can bet you will be my first and only recommendation. Truly Colt, or better, quality! Thanks again! Also, thank you for being accommodating with my being able to pay not all at once, or in full in one payment!”

DON: Colt Diamondback Nickel Restoration. “I received the Diamondback today- it is spectacular. I really admire the craftsmanship. Thank you so much for the fine work!”

JOSE:  Colt Python Restoration.  “I wrote to say thank you for the outstanding work and I couldn’t be more pleased with my Python! I am mad that I can’t shoot it now as I intended given how beautiful it is! For that matter I can’t even check the trigger work you did for fear of making a cut line on the cylinder!  It was a pleasure… and any time you are in Dallas give me a call and I’ll treat you to some wonderful food!”

JOSEPH:  Colt Python Restoration.  “I received my 4” Colt Python back from Custom Shop, Inc., today and felt I needed to send you this note. Amazing… Incredible… are two words that come to mind immediately on what I saw. Several years ago, I mistakenly stored my prized Colt in a safe and didn’t take it out to look at it for a couple years. When I finally did, what I found was a rusted and pitted piece of metal that was a shadow of its former beauty. Needless to say I was heartbroken. I removed the rust and tried to restore it to the best of my ability, but it was still in terrible shape. Even in the poor shape that it was in, it quality and ability to be point on for hitting the target was still in its foundation. My daughter who is also an avid shooter knew how upset I was and somehow found Custom Shop, spoke to you and sent my Python to you for restoration. While skeptical on what the end results were going to be given the damage, you were going to be that last chance to restore this Colt to its former beauty. What you sent back was nothing short of amazing. The craftsmanship and results turned this abused Colt back into its former beauty. It looks like it just came out of the box when I purchased it new, back in 1976. What an incredible job you did, I couldn’t be happier… WOW… I would recommend your services to anyone who has a restoration project for any of their firearms. I can’t Thank You enough for the great job you did!”           JOSEPH’S DAUGHTER : “Just following up to say we received the Colt, and were blown away by the results! I want to thank you so much for all the work you guys did, it really turned out better than we could have ever hoped. It was worth EVERY penny to see how happy it made my dad.”

ADAM:  Browning Safari Rifle Restoration.  “I can not thank you all enough for the amazing work done on the Browning Safari that belonged to my dad. The pictures you sent didn’t do it justice. It probably didn’t look that good new. It shines more than my brand new Browning Medallion. The turn around on that was insanely quick and it is flawless. I am unable to express how impressed and grateful I am to have had such amazing work done on something that means the world to me. My two brothers and my sister also thought everything was just amazing and they only have seen the pictures of everything. The photos with your personal messages on them really hit. Getting those before even seeing the rifle, I still got really emotional and I’m not even close to being ashamed to admit it. Pulling that rifle out of the case was more of the same. The sweatshirts I also purchased are really cool and will be worn proudly. Hopefully they draw you another customer or two. I could keep rambling but I am so glad I found Custom Shop Inc. You are all awesome and your work is amazing. Thank you for bringing this rifle back to life and helping out to build this into a legacy piece and have it be more than just something really cool that belonged to the ol’ man. It had some adventures in its’ day and they story must continue. Again, thank you so much! I love it!”

ALFREDO:  Colt Python Restoration.  “I just arrived from vacation and I had a box waiting for me.  When I finally opened it I was taken by how my Colt Python turned out after restoration. I was looking at a true work of art and I was impressed on how much attention you guys gave to my revolver.  Like my Colt Diamondback you guys restored to a work of art, I knew my Colt Python would be returned to me with all of the same attention you gave my Diamondback.  Thank you and your crew for an excellent job.  I am a very happy return customer and will recommend Custom Shop Inc on Colt restorations.  Keep up your excellent customer service!”

RONNIE:  Colt Woodsman Restoration.  “The gun looks great like a new gun bluing is factory grade.  The few people that I have showed which I limit could not believe the condition of the gun after restoration and I made sure they wore the gloves you provided.  I own several rifles, shotguns, AR’s, and handguns.  I keep them looking like new.  I am proud to add this to my collection.  I will keep Custom Shop cards and recommend anyone about the work that is done.”

WES:  Sales Experience.  ” I drew a hand full of aces when I selected Custom Shop, Inc. From start to finish my purchasing experience with John and his staff was very positive. John and his crew were professional yet friendly at all times. The pistol purchased was exactly as described. Shipping was done flawlessly and customized due to problems at my end of the chain. The problems were handled with skill that can come only from many such tailored transactions. The pistol was wrapped securely which resulted in not only a timely delivery but one that insured the pistol was undamaged at this end. Thank you John. Please extend to your staff my thanks for their part in this transaction.”

DAVIN:  Winchester Custom Stock Replacement.  “I have been collecting pre-64 model 70’s for 35 years and currently own 100’s of model 70’s. I can honestly say that I have never seen a more precise custom fit reproduction stock. I am a very scrupulous collector who prefers 100% rifles. With that said, this custom walnut super grade replacement stock is ridiculous, I love it. If it wasn’t for the extreme high grade walnut blank you started with, the veteran most educated Winchester collector wouldn’t know it from an original. It’s honestly too well made to be from Winchester. This is hands down the fanciest, most accurate pre-64 model 70 super grade replacement stock that can be purchased at any price. Absolutely impeccable craftsmanship from butt to ebony forearm cap. I will be a repeat customer.”

KERRY:  Colt 1903 Restoration.  “Just got back from a long range fishing trip and saw the work that you had done on my 1903. I could not be happier with the outcome! Fantastic job!”

CURT:  Sales Experience.  “Received the rifle from my local dealer today. Just want to thank you for your professionalism. Rifle was certainly as advertised if not better. Packaging and paperwork were very professional and complete. Pleasure doing business.”

JAMES:  Colt Python Repair & Restoration.  “I looked over the work Custom Shop, Inc. performed on my Python yesterday upon receipt. My initial impression was the work was done well. However, I held off writing to you because I wanted the opportunity to look at the gun in the morning sunlight. I can find no imperfection in your work. I sent the gun out for a timing problem and ended up with a full restoration. I’m very satisfied that I did. The gun looks so beautiful I did not even want to cock the hammer to confirm the timing issue was resolved. I always intended on using the gun as a shooter but now put it into the category of a work of art. The finished product makes me consider how my old Colt Detective model would look restored. I am very satisfied with your work and will recommend your shop to others.”

ALFREDO:  Colt Diamondback Restoration & Customer Service.  “Ola, I just want to say Muchas Gracias.  I received my fully resorted Colt Diamondback (royal blue) today. When I opened the box and saw my toy I was taken on how beautiful my revolver looked after restoration.  What can I say, You Guys hit the Wow Factor – I was looking at a brand new Colt Diamondback.  The workmanship that went into my revolver ‘s restoration was above & beyond and the Royal Bluing polishing on the entire gun looks like a mirror. Thank you Mr John Williams for all of your assistance and excellent customer service along with everyone who worked on my revolver.  I am glad I called Colt they highly recommended me to get in contact with Custom Shop Inc.  I am happy I did and I will be boxing up my Colt python (Blue) and shipping it next.  I am confident my Python will be handled in the same way my Diamondback was.  I can not say enough positive things about Custom Shop Inc. & their customer service.  I will contact Colt Firearms and thank them for their recommendation and tell them how Happy I am.  Muchas Gracias”

LARRY:  Colt Python Nickel Restoration.  “I want to thank you both for the fantastic job your employees did refinishing my Colt Python revolver. You exceeded all my expectations and more. No wonder Colt highly recommended your organization. You are the best and deserve all kudos possible.”

GREG:  Consignments.  “Hello, Wanted to say THANK YOU, for all your help with the consignment on my father’s collection.  You made the process painless, professional and a win win for all.  Will be recommending your shop at every opportunity.”

DENNIS:  Customer Service.  “I really, really appreciate the truly amazing one on one customer service that Louie gave me on a very specific item. The package arrived earlier than expected. I opened the package and looked at all that was included in the case assembly. I was really amazed of the complete content. All exactly to the Colt Firearm website original content when this particular firearm was manufactured and shipped. I was way above astounded to the quality and condition of what Louie had sent me. Truly amazed. Thank you very much to Louie and to the Custom Shop. I have given out the Custom Shop info to all of my very serious gun collector friends and will continue to do so. Again, thank you very much Louie and the Custom Shop for the fantastic customer service, quality products, great pricing and the above and beyond helpful knowledgeable product information. You will be hearing from me soon on some other firearms that need some touching up, some complete restoration work and firearm sales and purchasing. You have a lifetime customer.”

TOM:  Colt King Cobra Restoration.  “I received my King Cobra today. Could you tell Louie that it looks awesome. It looks brand new! The people at my gun shop where I pick it up couldn’t believe how nice it looks. They ask me if I had a few of your business cards so I passed them along. Again tell Louie that he did a outstanding job.”

SHARON:  Customer Service.  “Just wanted to say I am impressed beyond belief at how great your customer service is. I purchased a vintage Beeman R7 air rifle this week and received it this morning. It was packaged better than any gun I’ve ever bought, and everything you guy do just screams of professionalism. Thanks!”

ALFRED:  Colt Sauer Stock Replacement.  “John, I have been trying to put into print my sincere appreciation of the art that Lou does when he creates replacement stocks such as mine for my Colt Sauer. When I first saw it in person I cried with happiness. I have shown it to all of my close friends and they too say only a few words of praise for the skill that it took to craft this beautiful product. Appreciation does not have to come with a lot of words. My heartfelt thanks to you, Lou and your entire company for making hunters like me smile every time we lay your beautiful, replacement rifle stocks in our laps while we look out into our world of hunting and we thank our country for the freedom to do so.”

KONSTANTINE:  Colt Revolver Restorations.  “I just wanted to let you guys know how impressed I am with the work your team did on my Colts. Not just with the finished work but the entire process. I was recommended to you guys through Colt when they told me that they weren’t working on the double action revolvers anymore. I was honestly shocked and a little skeptical to reach out to other shops. I’m glad I found you guys. Lou you had me sold the first time we spoke. Your confidence on how impressed I would be with the finished product is what got me. I sent out a 2.5” King Cobra to be mirror polished and 2 Pythons for a barrel swap and reblue. When I got them back they looked like museum pieces. I have had work done at other shops and difference in the workmanship is night and day. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Lou two thumbs up five stars A+ whatever you want to call it your team rocks! Thank you Theresa. Thank you John. Thank you Lou.”

BYRON:  Colt Python Restoration.  “I wanted to wait until after I was able to try out my beautifully restored Python to contact you.  Your company was recommended to me by the manufacturer, COLT FIREARMS, INC.  Their recommendation turned out to be very well founded.  You and your staff performed a superb job, and I recommend you and your company to anyone considering a firearms restoration.  Thank you again!”

SAM:  Rifle (Winchester Model 70 Pre-64) Restoration.  “Wow!  You guys outdid yourselves.  Absolutely beautiful!  It now has the honored spot in the safe.  Thanks again!”

GARY:  Colt Anaconda and Pythons – Repair & Restoration.  “Can’t tell you how pleased I am with the work of Custom Shop. Impressive!”

MATTHEW:  Colt Python Restoration.  “I’m very pleased with customshopinc service. My Colt Python looks brand new and action is Python like again. I almost don’t want to shoot it Lol! These guys were also very good with the payment arrangements and left a nice note with all the paperwork thanking me for my military service. If my Python needs repairs or I get anymore I’ll be using these guys again. I also will be checking out their shop for sure.”

DAVE:  California Forest Fire Damaged (2 Colt Pythons & 1 Colt Diamondback) Restorations.  “I am absolutely delighted with my Colt revolvers and amazed at the level of workmanship in their restoration; they look brand new! Please give Louie my sincere thanks for bringing my Colt revolvers back to new condition, he is a true artist in the world of gunsmiths. I don’t want to touch them unless I am wearing the white gloves he provided! The letters of restoration were an unexpected surprise and a really nice touch that added to the high level of professionalism and customer service from the Custom Shop Inc. Someday I will take the Colts to the range and actually shoot them, however, for the time being, I am enjoying just looking at them.”

JOE:  Colt King Cobra Restoration.  “Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the work you did on my Colt King Cobra. The barrel installation is perfect and whatever you did to clear up the action problem it was having is pure magic. First time out with the repaired Colt I was able to put together groups that blew me away. Best group ever for me. Thanks again.” 

ALLAN:  Colt Trooper Restoration.  “I just received my Colt Trooper MK III and what a masterpiece it has turned into. Unbelievable, Superb, museum quality. I could go on and on. I consider myself a perfectionist and when I bought this gun, on a gun website that I won’t mention by name, it was misrepresented and every where I looked I found scratches, pitting and actual rust. You can’t imagine the words that were coming out of my mouth. I was so ticked off that I put it in a drawer for a month and forgot about it. One day my wife asked where the gun was so I told her what was up and she suggested that I call Colt and get a quote for re-bluing and that she would pay for it and make it my Christmas present. I jumped at her suggestion only to be disappointed again when Colt told me that they no longer worked on Trooper MK III’s but they did recommend the Custom Shop and that’s when things really turned around. I spoke with John Williams first and he gave me all of the particulars and that’s all it took. I shipped mu gun the next day! Once they received the gun Louie called and went over everything with me and sent out a very detailed invoice covering everything that they would be doing and gave me a price, to the penny, on how much it would cost. He promised me that it would look as good (well better) than the day it was originally shipped by Colt. This gun is now a true masterpiece in every sense of the word. I would like to thank everyone at the Custom Shop for making this a very pleasant experience starting with their communication to the fantastic work they did. I know this is a lengthy testimonial, but I just couldn’t leave anything out. My parting words are that if you want one of your cherished firearms brought back to life again, send it to Louie and the gang. I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed!!  I just wanted to let you know that I contacted Colt to let them know what a great job that you did on my Trooper.  They said that they have been getting nothing but good feedback about Custom Shop.”

MICHAEL:  Rifle Restoration.  “Considering this gun is 50+ years old it’s quite a transformation.  My first deer rifle from my Dad in 1967…it looks incredibly beautiful and can’t wait to get it!  Thanks for everything to Louie and everyone who had a hand in on the restoration of my Sako.  Absolutely beautiful!

ROB:  Rifle Restoration.  “I thought I would send you a couple of pictures of a nice Texas whitetail deer which I was blessed to get recently down here with the beautiful Sako 75 Bolt Action Rifle in .270 Winchester caliber you restored for me. I am so proud of how this gun turned out and just love looking at it and especially getting it out for special occasions such as this.  I also think about all of you at the Custom Shop as well!  Thanks so much for such a GREAT JOB on this beautiful dream rifle.”

MATT:  Colt Diamondback Restoration.  “This Diamondback is one of the finest pieces I have ever held in my hand.  Thanks to Colt Mfg for referring me to your company for restoration.  You have turned this piece into a fine diamond!”

JOHN:  Consignment.  “Just a quick note to thank you for all of your wonderful service selling the Browning Ducks Unlimited Shotgun for me.  I really appreciate all of your work and professionalism, and would not hesitate to recommend you to any gun owner needing your service, you guys Rock!!”

STEVE:  Colt Python Restoration.  “I sent my Colt Python to get it reblued, when it came back I did not want to touch it Damn Great!! Louie is one of last true gunsmith’s left. I will send all of my firearms to him. l feel that my Python is of museum quality. I would recommend all and anybody to this company. Super work and great service. What less can i say??? Super!  I called Colt and told them about my satisfaction and how my python is looking now. I told them that I would recommend your company to anyone who is wanting quality work done excuse that, I mean exceptional quality number 1 work to have done. Tell Louie I do appreciate his craftsmanship and attention to detail.”

MATT: Purchase Experience.  “Wanted to drop you a note, to say thank you for the entire process of purchasing a firearm from your site. Highlights I want to point out:  1. John at your shop is great to work with. I called, as I had never purchased a firearm online. John walked me through the purchase process (new firearm), as well as the FFL process, answered all my questions, and never once made me feel like I was bothering him or wasting his time. He even called me when my package was shipped out (in addition to the email I received), to keep me in the loop as to progress. Wonderful customer service from him.   2. Your website is super easy to navigate. Pictures of firearms are clear, descriptions are spot on and extremely helpful. I received exactly what your website promised me I’d receive, and I couldn’t be happier.   3. Ship times are very quick, and your prices seem better than reasonable. Whether true or not, I firmly believe I got my Colt Government Model Comp. Series. 45 Auto. 5″ Nat. Match Barrel. Stainless Finish. New In Case, at a steal of a price!  All in all, I will highly recommend your shop to anyone that asks, and you have a returning customer in me as well, should you have any more items/services I’m looking for.  Thank you again.”

DAVE:  Consignment.  “As a fine gun enthusiast and hobby gunsmith for 50+ years, one day I found that my gun safe was bursting at the seams. It was time to trim back! But I dreaded the chore of trying to sell a large number of guns on-line by myself. That’s when I contacted Lou Tuminaro at the Custom Shop. Over the course of a year or two I would deliver 5 or 10 fine guns at a time to the Custom Shop and Lou would sell them. Initially I winced at the idea of paying a sales commission. But frequently the sales price for one of my guns exceeded what I would have listed it for. It was not long before I realized I was making more than I anticipated from the sale of my guns regardless of the commission. In fact, Lou and his staff earn their commission. For example, the Custom Shop has an in-house professional photographer. Good pictures sell guns. Making accurate appraisals, skillfully answering questions from potential buyers, prepping guns to look their best for a buyer, and boxing and shipping guns is hard work. The Custom Shop has mastered it all. Finally, it is not possible to depart from a visit to the Custom Shop without a smile on your face. Lou, Theresa, and the staff at the Custom Shop are good people.”

VAN:  Colt Python Restoration. “Thank you for the work that your company did. I had planned to give feedback sooner, but I have been too busy showing it off to my friends at the range. They as I are very impressed… I am impressed. Thank You very much.“

NICK:  Website & Customer Service.  “Wanted to say that it was a pleasure talking with you today about the Colt Python that I was interested in— but was already sold.  And again I want to complement you — Your Website is an ‘Outstanding example ‘ of great design with absolute ease to view and understand.  The photography is second to none — the Very Best that I have ever seen on any gun site.  Your place of business as shown is amazing. Wish I could visit in person.”

GERALD:  Rifle Bolt Restoration. “I am absolutely amazed at the job you guys did with that bolt.  It is beautiful.  I am so grateful I found the Custom Shop.  You guys will get all my work from now on and I am going to recommend y’all to all my friends down here in Louisiana. Thanks again for the GREAT WORK!!!”

CASEY:  Colt Python Restoration. “What can I say? SUPERB JOB! And… It takes a lot to impress me. I’m severely O.C.D. Thanks for providing me with the astute white gloves, so that I could pull the hammer back one time to check the timing. I will be putting the original Gen I grips back on and placing it back into the box for long term storage. It’s no longer just a shooter. It’s back to it’s 1957 condition and I couldn’t believe it. I would like to say thanks to all who put work into this! What’s everyone’s name that had a hand on it and what was their job? I’d really like to know. Makes it a little more personal. I will definitely show this off with the “before” pictures. I had extreme reservations about the idea of getting this re-blued. I’m more than impressed and will try my best to send you more business. Thanks to all for treating my Python like it was their own.”

MICHELE:  Colt Python Restoration. “We received the python today, and Oh what a smile you put on Ernie’s face!! It couldn’t have come at a better time as he needed a little cheering up. It is BEAUTIFUL and we are both so pleased. Thank-You so very very much. We will pass your name on to all our friends on the wonderful work that you do and how kind you have been. Thank-You again!”

TOM:  Colt Python Restoration. “I love how the Python turned out.  I will recommend your business anytime.”

MANNY:  Colt Python Restoration. “I got my blued Python today. Pictures are one thing…but…DAY-UM-M-M-M-M-M-M…Louie’s good! Thank you…you guys are INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!”

NATHAN:  Firearm Purchase. “Thanks for a quick, easy deal. The shooter was just as advertised, & everything I was looking for. I’m glad I discovered you guys. Thanks again!”

ISAAC:  Colt Python Restoration. “Just picked it up yesterday.  Positively stunning!”

ROB:  Rifle Restoration. “I just really wanted to drop you all a card to thank each of you for the “Fantastic” job you all did on the Sako 270 Rifle Project you did for me. The gun just turned out absolutely “FANTASTIC”! I am so happy about this gun & love looking at it. Thank you all very much and I look forward to doing some other gun collection/restoration projects with you in the very near future.”

GREG: Customer Service. “Thank You! You guys are efficient.”

RUSTY:  Rifle Restoration. “Thank you very much for the work you did on my Pre-war, Model 70 Winchester, 300H&H. The new stock is great, the bluing outstanding and I couldn’t believe that you finished the job as soon as you did. The only problem is that the rifle looks so nice (like new) and the workmanship so good, I don’t know if I want to drag it around the mountains or Africa.”

ROGER RULE (Author of the book, The Rifleman’s Rifle):  Replacement Stock. “One day, I received a call from Louis Tuminaro, owner of The Custom Shop, Hamilton Montana, who invited me to do a guest appearance on his show, The GunFather, on the Outdoor Channel.  He told me he had begun to make replacement stocks in Super Grade for Winchester pre-64 Model 70s.  When I told him I needed a replacement Super Grade stock, he offered to make it if I would appear on his show.  Since it was a replacement and not original, I had him use genuine ebony for the tip and paid for the upgrade of exhibition-grade American walnut.  I first saw the completed stock, this one, when he unveiled it to me in live action during the filming of the Season 2 episode called “The devil is in the details”.  The finished stock is amazing: the wood grain figure and color came out better than I expected.  The fancy feather crotch walnut would easily grade as Exhibition Grade.  When I examined the interior inletting of the stock, Tuminaro’s work looks so close to Winchester’s, that I asked him to put some kind of mark or brand in the stock on future ones so an expert can know they are made by Louie.”