VAN:  Colt Python Restoration. “Thank you for the work that your company did. I had planned to give feedback sooner, but I have been too busy showing it off to my friends at the range. They as I are very impressed… I am impressed. Thank You very much.“

NICK:  Website & Customer Service.  “Wanted to say that it was a pleasure talking with you today about the Colt Python that I was interested in— but was already sold.  And again I want to complement you — Your Website is an ‘Outstanding example ‘ of great design with absolute ease to view and understand.  The photography is second to none — the Very Best that I have ever seen on any gun site.  Your place of business as shown is amazing. Wish I could visit in person.”

GERALD:  Rifle Bolt Restoration. “I am absolutely amazed at the job you guys did with that bolt.  It is beautiful.  I am so grateful I found the Custom Shop.  You guys will get all my work from now on and I am going to recommend y’all to all my friends down here in Louisiana. Thanks again for the GREAT WORK!!!”

CASEY:  Colt Python Restoration. “What can I say? SUPERB JOB! And… It takes a lot to impress me. I’m severely O.C.D. Thanks for providing me with the astute white gloves, so that I could pull the hammer back one time to check the timing. I will be putting the original Gen I grips back on and placing it back into the box for long term storage. It’s no longer just a shooter. It’s back to it’s 1957 condition and I couldn’t believe it. I would like to say thanks to all who put work into this! What’s everyone’s name that had a hand on it and what was their job? I’d really like to know. Makes it a little more personal. I will definitely show this off with the “before” pictures. I had extreme reservations about the idea of getting this re-blued. I’m more than impressed and will try my best to send you more business. Thanks to all for treating my Python like it was their own.”

MICHELE:  Colt Python Restoration. “We received the python today, and Oh what a smile you put on Ernie’s face!! It couldn’t have come at a better time as he needed a little cheering up. It is BEAUTIFUL and we are both so pleased. Thank-You so very very much. We will pass your name on to all our friends on the wonderful work that you do and how kind you have been. Thank-You again!”

TOM:  Colt Python Restoration. “I love how the Python turned out.  I will recommend your business anytime.”

MANNY:  Colt Python Restoration. “I got my blued Python today. Pictures are one thing…but…DAY-UM-M-M-M-M-M-M…Louie’s good! Thank you…you guys are INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!”

NATHAN:  Firearm Purchase. “Thanks for a quick, easy deal. The shooter was just as advertised, & everything I was looking for. I’m glad I discovered you guys. Thanks again!”

ISAAC:  Colt Python Restoration. “Just picked it up yesterday.  Positively stunning!”
ROB:  Rifle Restoration. “I just really wanted to drop you all a card to thank each of you for the “Fantastic” job you all did on the Sako 270 Rifle Project you did for me. The gun just turned out absolutely “FANTASTIC”! I am so happy about this gun & love looking at it. Thank you all very much and I look forward to doing some other gun collection/restoration projects with you in the very near future.”

GREG: Customer Service. “Thank You! You guys are efficient.”

RUSTY:  Rifle Restoration. “Thank you very much for the work you did on my Pre-war, Model 70 Winchester, 300H&H. The new stock is great, the bluing outstanding and I couldn’t believe that you finished the job as soon as you did. The only problem is that the rifle looks so nice (like new) and the workmanship so good, I don’t know if I want to drag it around the mountains or Africa.”

ROGER RULE (Author of the book, The Rifleman’s Rifle):  Replacement Stock. “One day, I received a call from Louis Tuminaro, owner of The Custom Shop, Hamilton Montana, who invited me to do a guest appearance on his show, The GunFather, on the Outdoor Channel.  He told me he had begun to make replacement stocks in Super Grade for Winchester pre-64 Model 70s.  When I told him I needed a replacement Super Grade stock, he offered to make it if I would appear on his show.  Since it was a replacement and not original, I had him use genuine ebony for the tip and paid for the upgrade of exhibition-grade American walnut.  I first saw the completed stock, this one, when he unveiled it to me in live action during the filming of the Season 2 episode called “The devil is in the details”.  The finished stock is amazing: the wood grain figure and color came out better than I expected.  The fancy feather crotch walnut would easily grade as Exhibition Grade.  When I examined the interior inletting of the stock, Tuminaro’s work looks so close to Winchester’s, that I asked him to put some kind of mark or brand in the stock on future ones so an expert can know they are made by Louie.”