It looks brand new!

Custom Shop, I want to thank you for the beautiful job your people did on my Colt Match Target. It was my Dad’s competition gun for years and the first gun I ever shot. I had a chance to fire it and it functioned great! Thanks again for the beautiful job. It looks brand new. I’m very happy that I had Custom Shop Inc. do the restoration.

Mike, Colt Match Target
I Plan On Leaving It To My Wife….

I contacted the Custom Shop Inc about having my Colt M1903 Pocket Hammerless restored. I spoke with Devin Coleman and he instructed me on how to send it to Custom Shop Inc. Once they had received it he called and said it would take some work but they could restore it. It was in bad shape, had pits and was discolored.

I have had this gun for over 45 years, I used it as a back up weapon when I was in law enforcement. I was surprised when I received it back. It looks like a new and is a much safer firearm. I plan on leaving it to my wife. She is really happy with the restoration as well. Thanks to Devin and all the people at the Custom Shop. They have gone over my expectations in restoring my Colt.

Ray, Colt M1903 Pocket Hammerless
Awesome Job!

Thanks again for the awesome job on the Remington. I thought you might get a kick out of some old pictures my father (Mike) had after my grandfather handed the gun down to him.
The first picture is from 1961 of Sharon and Mike . The second picture was taken in 1986. After that, he handed gun down to me. Thank you!

Leonard, Remington Sportsman 58 12 Gauge Shotgun
Had Many Antique Firearms Restored By Some Of The Best…….The Results Surpassed Them All!

I was a first-time customer when I sent my antique SAA to Custom Shop, Inc. for a total restoration. I dealt exclusively with Devin, who is a wizard at customer service. Their proposal was detailed, and the cost was reasonable given the scope of the project and the anticipated quality. Their timeline for completion was adhered to and I got my gun back when expected. When I received my gun back, I was totally impressed. I have had many antique firearms restored over the years by some of the best in the business. The results of the project surpassed them all! Mechanically, the gun is in perfect order. The stamping and roll marks are precise. The. bluing is outstanding due to the painstaking metal preparation. Finally, the color case frame was just right given when the gun was manufactured……no garish and overstated colors like you see coming out of some shops. All in all, I have a beautiful, historically correct SAA. I will not hesitate to work with Custom Shop, Inc. in the future.

Satisfied Customer, Colt SAA
Once In Awhile A Business Like The Custom Shop Comes Along

After a recent phone call to you, I was enlightened to how a gun is picked for restoration. I was a former businessman and longtime hunter and owner of some fine firearms, can appreciate the services that the Custom Shop provides. In today’s times there is a lot of “so-so” workmanship. There is “EXCELLENCE” in few too many businesses but once in awhile a business like the “Custom Shop Inc” comes along and there is that rare word, “PERFECTION”! In my life’s dealings, I feel I am qualified to speak of “Perfection”. Louie knows what I say! I don’t know of many places that deal in “Perfection” – but Louie’s Custom Shop definitely does, and I give my word of honor on that statement. God Bless!

Dan Hahn, Colt M4 Custom Carbine
Quality of Gunsmithing Is Over The Top

I contacted Custom Shop Inc because I watch the show all the time and the quality of the gunsmithing is over the top. I talked to the staff over the phone and Devin Colman was very informative, very personable, also very professional. Custom Shop staff were also very helpful. I decided to contact them based on the quality that I had seen on the show. I had them do a total restoration, including a new stock, which came out absolutely fantastic. The quality was absolutely fantastic, over-the-top and I have to say thank you very much for the work they did on my weapon.

If you were thinking of contacting Custom Shop Inc for restoration or repair work, I would say go for it because the quality and the personal attention they give to their work is fantastic. I just want to thank Louis, Devon and all the God with for the work they did and I’d recommend them to anybody and everybody that I talk to thank you very much!

John Galyean, 257 Weatherby Mark Five Deluxe
Hello Custom Shop! – Show Testimonial

First of all let me tell you I very much enjoy your show. It’s entertaining and educational. I have an old shotgun my aunt gave me. It was my grandfather’s. It’s a 1953 J. C. Higgins 20-gauge bolt action. It was not in terrible shape, but I always wanted to try and make it look better. Watching your show gave me the confidence to try. I stripped and re-blued the barrel with a cold blue kit. I also sanded down and refinished the stock using Tru Oil. I think it turned out well. My point is that I wouldn’t have tried to do it without watching your show. Keep on doing what you do. Thanks.

Jeff Senkowski, 1953 J. C. Higgins 20-gauge bolt action
I Have Been Joined By A Long-Lost Old Friend – My 1968 Sako 30-06

Louie, it has been quite some time since you and your talented crew gave new life to my 1968 Sako 30-06. For the past 6+ years it has been in my safe as I was somewhat anxious to rescope it and sight it back in, fearing that it would not shoot as accurately as it did when my Father gave it to me for Christmas in 1968 (I was 15). I’ve owned dozens of rifles in my life, but this rifle was very special (sub MOA off the shelf).and thanks to you and your staff, now again still is.

I finally took it to the range to give it a go and once I got the Schmidt and Bender scope (that has been on it for over 30+ years) dialed in, my last three shot group resulted in the impressive 100 yd group you see in the attached picture. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased and feel like I have been rejoined with a long-lost old friend.

Quite remarkable considering that your gunsmith had to do his magic to re-install the original 56 yr. old barrel I have been saving over all these past 30+ years. The sheer beauty of the stock speaks for itself on your staff’s artistry.

As you might recall, the whole purpose of this restoration project was to give this rifle in its original but enhanced configuration to my now 6 yr. old grandson when he is of age. I now have confidence that he will inherit a very special rifle.

Thank you for doing what you and your staff do so masterfully. Proud and Blessed to be able to, once again, hunt with my first deer rifle in its work of art and dead accurate condition.

Best regards, Michael P.
Austin, TX
A Big Thumbs Up!!

Devin & Wyatt, I received my .375 H & H today and I just love it.  Thanks for installing the hood for me.  I really appreciate the good service from you guys.  I will also give Colt a call and give you and Custom Shop, Inc. a big thumbs up.👍👍👍 HAPPY TRAILS! 

Gary W.
Shreveport, Louisiana, .375 H & H
Every Detail Is Immaculate – Show Testimonial

Louie, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the show and the restoration work you and your team accomplish and are capable of. I hope to do business with you at some point, your inventory of fine firearms intrigues me. Thanks for being the craftsman that you are. Hard to find shops dedicated to the art, intricacies and painstaking labor that you and your crew goes through to get every detail immaculate. I really have an appreciation for your work.

Rick B.
The results were more than I would have imagined possible.

I’ve been holding on to my Dad’s rifle for quite a while and have been thinking seriously about getting the gun re-blued, and possibly having the stock refinished. This rifle is a Winchester Model 70 made in 1953. My dad had owned it since 1962. Both my brother and I learned a lot about shooting with my dad and this rifle.

A friend of mine introduced me to Louie and explained the services he offered in the shop a few years ago. The shop came up again as the company I worked for co-opted on some promotions with the Custom Shop.  This is where I learned more about the show Gunfather Restorations.

Originally talked to Devin over the phone. I shared what I had and was thinking of doing. As a result of our visits, I decided there could be a good possibility the craftsmen at the shop would be able to do more and take the project farther than I had thought possible.  Fortunately, I live close enough to visit the shop with rifle in hand. Devin and Louie were able to give me a much better idea of the possibilities.  They spent a lot of time showing me the shop, explaining the processes, and introducing me to some of the people that might be working on the rifle. I also had a chance to see some of the completed work displayed around the shop. I was intrigued to hear that not only could they do the project but could “upgrade” the rifle.

Being able to see the shop helped me make the decision to go ahead with the work. Haven’t seen many, if any shops, that were as clean and organized as this one was kept. The thought was, if they keep their workspace this nice, they will treat my dad’s rifle the same way!

The rifle was restored and upgraded.  This was a standard grade rifle when it was produced, and it was a “Super Grade” when it was completed. A new stock blank of an exhibition grade walnut was chosen. The new stock was completely refashioned to the specs of the Super Grade. A Monte Carlo stock was made, a grip cap and fore-end cap were added to the original design of the stock. The original stock was returned to me.

A piece of the rear sight was missing and that was replaced. The butt plate was replaced so the original could stay with the old stock. The barrel and action were re-blued. The internal parts were polished to keep the smooth action the Model 70 was known for. New inlet sling studs were added.

From the initial inquiries to completion of the project, my experience was an enjoyable one. Never pressured, and all my questions were answered without hesitation. The services were everything that I was led to believe and did receive. The results were more than I would have imagined possible. The rifle is “better” than new now, with some incredible furniture on it. There was nothing left for me to say – “I wish …” when it was done.  Louie and Devin spent enough time with me to make sure every option was explained. By the time we were done with the project, I think I made a couple more friends. But then that’s how things are in Montana.

Jeffrey Burke
Winchester Pre-64 Model 70
If You Want Your Firearm Restored This Is The Place To Go!!!

After watching your TV show and seeing the craftsmanship that goes into the restorations, I knew I wanted your shop to do my Colt restoration. I decided I wanted a full restoration and repair. I viewed the website and then sent an email regarding what I wanted to do to my Colt. My questions were answered to my satisfaction and their customer service was definitely satisfactory.

Look at my restoration photos and watch the show to see for yourself what an exceptional job they do. My Colt .45 SAA is now a “Safe Queen” The Custom Shop did such a great job on my Colt that I can’t get myself to fire it. I sent it to the Custom Shop mainly because the cylinder was full of scratches. Now, there’s not a single mark on it anywhere and the cylinder is perfect. To fire this gun now would destroy all the hard work that the team at the custom shop put into it. If you want your firearm restored this is the place to go but be forewarned, it will be better than new when you get it back.

Howard Shaub, Colt .45 SSA
I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to give them a call….

I inherited my father’s 1976 Colt Python nickel that he got when he originally worked for Colt when I was a kid. When retrieving the gun, my mom accidentally dropped the soft case it was in, and it broke the hammer spur off.

The Custom Shop was Highly Recommended by one of Colts’s own internal Gun Smiths. This gun had only been shot once, at the factory, and sat in our closet up till this point. It is in pristine condition, and I needed someone that would take care of it and treat it as such.

Colt’s gunsmith relayed your phone number to me, at which time I promptly called. I spoke with Devin from start to finish and quickly realized it was the right call to make. From the moment we talked I was met with professionalism. He took the time to listen to my story regarding the history and importance of the Python to me and quickly alleviated any concerns or hesitation regarding letting it out of my hands to be worked on. The knowledge level and expertise were bar none and I couldn’t wait to get started. Funny thing is, I never knew they had a website or even a tv show until after I had already committed and sent my Python in. My decision was based solely on the professional knowledge and expertise conveyed in our conversation regarding my firearm and the process. Trust was built!!!

Devin was able to address all my concerns regarding not only the gun and the work that needed to be done but also on the overview of the whole process, i.e. shipping, receiving, inspections, estimate, work, and shipping back. It was incredibly informative and thorough.

I am beyond happy and satisfied that I had made the call that day. There is no one else I would trust more with my Python. The Python hadn’t been fired since new at the factory I asked for it only the hammer to be repaired but a complete inspection and work through of the gun including timing etc. Not only was the work completed in a timely manner, I was also provided with some documentation at the completion of the work regarding the particulars of my individual Python. This is a very nice personal touch. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to give them a call and send your firearm in for all the reasons mentioned above.

John George
1976 Colt Python Nickel
5-Star Service!

I was prompted to seek Custom Shop Inc. Services by reading the Reviews. I found them on the Internet. I called on the phone and the staff were helpful, skilled, and professional. They were Awesome! They answered everything I asked and were great to work with. Based on their knowledge and skill, I decided to work with them.

Custom Shop Inc, did a full restoration for me, a total rehab of my gun. The service I received was 5-star. I would tell anyone trying to decide to work with Custom Shop Inc to definitely give them a call.

Edward Campbell
Smith & Wesson Top Break Revolver
Hello folks!

I just received the grips for my Python and they fit perfectly. They look great and I am very pleased with the service and courtesy you extended to me. I would recommend you to anyone looking for prompt, friendly and amazing customer service.
Thanks again,

Pastor Bill Patterson
Happy Customer
The service was more than satisfactory, it was excellent!!

The past work performed that I viewed on website was testament to the professional work that could be done on our projects. the firearms we submitted for restoration were badly weathered and the factory finish showed bad discoloration. Once Custom Shop Inc, completed the restoration, the firearms were returned and looked as if they did the day they left the Colt Factory in the 1970’s.

We would say that the work done by Custom Shop Inc is very professional and before submitting your firearm(s) to them to ensure that the firearm(s) is worth the cost to refinish it as we would reserve having a service like this only for valuable, nostalgic, heirloom firearms or firearms that have a sentimental value to the owner(s).

Overall, we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Custom Shop Inc., Mr. Devin Coleman and Team for the professionalism and quality of work done on the items they’ve completed for us. We look forward to continuing business with Custom Shop Inc.

KE-RA-DA SPORTING GOODS                                                                                                                                     1995 COLT M1991A1 COMMANDER .45 ACP BLUED, 1970 COLT SUPER .38 AUTOMATIC NICKEL, 1976 COLT MKIV SERIES 70 .45 ACP POLISHED NICKEL
I was very impressed with Custom Shop and the professional team.

I had been searching for a reputable Colt service shop. After watching a couple of episodes of the “The Gunfather” on the Outdoor Channel, and seeing the restoration work that had been done on the Colts featured, I looked up the buisness website and decided to contact the Custom Shop. Searching the website I liked what I saw and contacted the Custom Shop to see if my Colt Diamondback was a project that could be taken on. I spoke with Devin and exchanged emails to forward pictures of my Colts condition. Devin was very professional and helpful.

After seeing the work done on a couple of other Colt revolvers on “The Gunfather” show, watching the step by step process with detailed care taken to reach the beautifully finished result, I believed the Custom Shop was the restoration shop I had been looking for.

The Custom Shop Inc. completed a complete restoration of my Colt Diamondback. It had rust on the trigger guard, small rust spots on frame, surface rust on hammer, small pits on cylinder, and bluing wear on muzzle end of barrel. The results were amazing! Thank you!

If you have a firearm (Colt or other) that you would like to see restored to it’s original as new condition, this is the place to have the restoration done. Having visited the shop and seen the organized and clean layout, and the friendly and professional staff, you can’t go wrong. Thank you for the amazing work you completed on my Diamonback!

Bryan Kuehl, Colt 2 1/2″ Diamondback, .38
Amazing Tribute To My Father, Lionel V. Koon, by the Gunfather Restorations Team

I fought back tears as I hugged my mom and we gazed at the restoration of my dad’s Ruger Super Blackhawk, 44 magnum. This was a gun he often wore during his service as Chief Deputy and then Sheriff. I grew up with my dad’s big gun an aspect of our everyday lives. It was such a part of his huge persona, a man larger than life in my eyes. He was loved by his family, his community, those he served and worked with across the country. We were fortunate to be chosen for an episode on Gunfather Restorations. The Custom Shop Team did an amazing job of not only bringing this gun back to its original glory but they added a special surprise; personalized engraved grips with a replica of his badge.

Not only was the gun an amazing sight to see but the way they did the reveal to me and my mom was over the top exciting. We were invited to meet Louie at the gun range. There, not only did we see the beautiful job they did (holding back the tears of course), but they invited me to shoot it. Mind you, I had not shot a gun in more years than I care to count, but I just knew Dad was there holding my hand. And, it was a good thing because the power of that firearm caught me by surprise. I was blown away by the reality of my dad packing and using this Ruger 44. What an amazing tribute to the man, husband, father, friend and officer known as Lionel V. Koon. (Glad you had my back, Dad!)

My family is forever grateful for the accolades we were able to offer my father thanks to the Gunfather Restorations television show and The Custom Shop Team. Thank you!

Becki Koon
Ruger Super Blackhawk, 44 Magnum
Your work is nothing short of fine artwork. – Show Testimonial

Lou, Just wanted to start by saying I am a retired police officer who has been a gun enthusiast since I shot my first BB gun. After retirement I started buying beat up firearms at my local pawn shop and restoring them for personal use. When I discovered your show on TV it was like finding a new friend. Your shop looks amazing and the quality of your work is nothing short of fine artwork. You guys are true craftsmen and my favorite so far was the 1897 Winchester. When finished I was simply amazed. If I had a picture of the gun I would frame it and put it on the wall. Thanks for your detail to excellence. Looking forward to watching what comes next. God Bless,

I Sought Service After Seeing The Show Gunfather Restorations

I went online and saw how I could send them my firearm after seeing their work on TV and was impressed. They called me back the same day, were very helpful and pleasant. They answered all my questions and had great customer service when I asked about restoring my firearm.

I would highly recommend you work with them if you are wanting to have your firearm look like new again. I was very impressed with the work and enjoyed the before and after photos.

Harold Koon, Smith & Wesson 44 Triple Lock


Trust them to treat your pistol, heirloom or working tool, in the best way!

I have had a pistol in my family since the 70’s that has been passed down to and will be passed down to my son eventually. Unfortunately, we had a storm in 2008, Hurricane Ike, that devastated our Island and brought 4 feet of water into our house. My family left, taking what they could before the storm hit while I stayed to continue to work as a police officer. Our typical storms are wind events, this one was an anomaly and came in as a flood event from our north, wind was minimal. Typically, we put everything down as we expect roof damages and as the flood waters rose, everything low was soaked with water from the harbor and all the contaminants it can carry. In the rush to secure belongings, I secured what was left and brought all my weapons, or so I thought. One, the Colt Python, in a metal lock box was under some loose clothing in the closet and below the 4-foot water level. When I found it two weeks later it had been sitting in saltwater. With no running water on the island, so much that could have been saved was lost. The Python too, or so I thought. It was locked up solid, would not function. I cleaned it as best I could and kept it wrapped in cloth for 15 years. I mentioned it to a friend, and he asked to see it. He ended up taking it home and was able to break it free and returned it to me. It worked but with a glitch. I had hope.

I called Colt and asked about repairing it. They referred me to the Custom Shop. I looked over the website and sent a request via the online form. I received a call from Devin, who made me feel comfortable that they could help me get the pistol back to working status. I never felt like he was too busy to talk or rushed in any way. He actively listened to my story patiently. Devin explained everything in detail and words I could understand. I felt like they knew what they were doing and understood how important this pistol is to me.

The Python worked but hung up on one cylinder as it rotated, I knew it needed to be looked at inside and I could not do it without risking further damage. I asked them to get it back to working order and they did. Because I felt the scars tell a history, I decided not to restore it to new, but I know who I will send it should I change my mind later.

Trust them to treat your pistol, heirloom or working tool, in the best way. They appreciate what each Colt Firearm means and the legacy it carries. Thanks for the work, and the patience you had in bringing her back to life.

John, Galveston Texas, Colt Python
Another Satisfied Customer

Good morning……Just to let y’all know … that I did receive all the Colt 22 peacemaker manual paper work, etc, c in the morning mail run and in good shape.

Thank you so much again, for all your continued help and support with these items. Also, I certainly do hope and pray that y’all have a super great, totally blessed, safe, healthy, and real prosperous remaining year, too…Thanks, and try to stay safe, my friends,

PS .. as soon as I receive my extra-long rifle cylinder … in the USPO mail … everything will be complete, again …

Tom, Army Special Forces, DAV US
I am really proud of it!

Devin:  I just got home with my new rifle…it is really nice and I am really proud of it.  It was really packaged nicely in the hard case.  Thanks for installing the new hood for me.  Hope to see you again down the road. 

Congrats on new show! – Show Testimonial

Just a  note to say how much I enjoy the new show. You guys do amazing restoration work. Congrats and keep the shows coming please!

I’m blown away over how great it looks!

 Sako Forester Restoration  “Today I received the Sako 22-250 you built for me. I’m blown away over how great it looks. I bought the blank from your pix on line. It looks about 50% better in person than it did in the pix. Fabulous grain, excellent workmanship on the stock. I don’t think there is a better looking Sako out there. It looks BETTER than the pix you have of it on your website! This is easily the best looking rifle I own. Thank you for a great job!”

Tim - Sako 22-250

"we lost our house in a fire in October of 1977 and all of the guns were burned up"

The above photo shows Mr. Cantrell in 1970 at the age of 10 years old.

This photo was taken 5 years ago on September 8, 2017, on my birthday while in the Bad Lands. This was my last trip out West. We used to have a Carpet Store in Grand Junction Colorado.

Mr. Cantrell’s beautiful gun cabinet and tribute to the Gunfather.

My dad had a private plane when I was a young man and we flew from Dalton, GA to Casper, WY in a single engine 206 plane. I shot this Antelope in 1970 at the age of 10 in Riverton, WY with a 1969 Browning Medallion. It was only 3/16 of an inch from being a state record. The processor was supposed to ship the mount to me, but I never received it. It probably wound up in some rich person’s lodge. Every birthday, Christmas, or special occasion since I was 6 years old, my dad would buy me a new Browning Rifle and I would work them off in the summer when school was out. I had all these rare Browning’s from 1965 to 1977. Tragically, we lost our house in a fire in October of 1977 and all of the guns were burned up. I have spent my adult life trying to replace them. That’s why they are as special to me as they are to the Gunfather, Louie Tuminaro.

My dad, who fueled my love of Browning’s, has been in the hospital for the last several weeks. We got him moved to rehab last Thursday. Not counting this deal, since September 27, 2022, he has spent over 131 days in the hospital in the last 12 months. I was unavailable for a call when Custom Shop reached out to me. Thank you so much for your friendship!!!

Here at Custom Shop Inc, we feel honored to have clients such as Mr. Cantrell. His lifelong journey with his father and guns touched the hearts of all of us. The personal story behind his purchases makes the fact that Custom Shop carries a great inventory of rare and collectible guns even more poignant. We are happy Mr. Cantrell has been able to build back his collection and fill his gun cabinet with the rare Browning Rifles he now exhibits. Mr. Cantrell has not only been a customer but most importantly, he has become a friend to all of us at Custom Shop and Gunfather Restorations.

Look to Custom Shop Inc to fill your gun cabinet with those rare and collectible specimens we are known to offer.

-Michael Cantrell
To everyone who took the time to bring this revolver back to proper safe shooting use.

I didn’t think Joe would take the project on because I didn’t have Custom Shop take it back to beyond brand-new conditions. I just had them repair the firearm. Thank you all very much! I can’t wait to put many rounds through it, now it is safe to shoot. Gratefully,


Colt Single Action Army

My Wife Was Brought To Tears!

Please let the team know our thanks for the amazing restoration.

My wife was brought to tears. Seems she remembers the time, when she was a teenager, a young boy was banging on her bedroom window late at night. She remembers her dad going outside and firing this pistol in the air. Needless to say, the young man ran off and was never seen again. Don’t think we could do that now. 😁

This is the only item she has that belonged to her father. Thanks again.


Smith & Wesson 22 LR

Dear Mr. Tuminaro and staff. Your Shop Made My Wish Come True!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire staff for the wonderful work you did on my family’s heirloom 1892 colt DA.

When the gun arrived at my FFL dealer on July 28, I was completely blown away and in awe of the restoration results. I was in tears when I opened the Colt box and found the pristine condition of the gun and beheld the true beauty firsthand.

It has long been my desire to see it restored and the local people I took it to said it was not worth doing. Your staff proved them all wrong! The gun was worth doing and the expert craftsmen in your shop made my wish come true.

The skill and craftsmanship of your employees is amazing and is totally without equal. Words cannot express how grateful I am that I saw your show on The Outdoor Channel and how thankful I am to have sent the gun to your shop and trusted you with its restoration.

I have already ordered a display stand for the gun and will be displaying it with my ancestor’s pocket watches and other memorabilia.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for what you did, not only for the gun but for my family and the generations who will come in the future. I can now pass down a true legacy and working tool of our family history to future generations.

Should you ever need someone to contact me about the quality of your companies work or the craftsmanship your staff presents, please use me as a reference. I would be happy to tell them about the entire experience I had and the professionalism of your entire restoration process.

Respectfully, and truly yours with deep appreciation,


1892 Colt DA

To whom it may concern: I now possess a magnificent example of firearms craftsmanship!

It is with sure purpose that I write these few lines regarding the Colt Pocket Positive that you recently restored for me. I have a particular liking for pre-war Colt revolvers and pistols because of the extraordinarily high degree of fit and finish that these guns demonstrate. When I chanced to purchase that Pocket Positive, I was immediately struck by the potential that it represented (though much of the finish was worn off and the muzzle was slightly bulged from there having been some kind of obstruction in the bore the last time it was fired). Accordingly, I set about finding a place that could undertake the restoration I desired. After much research, I settled upon the Custom Shop in Hamilton, Montana.

Devin and I discussed the project at length, and so I sent the Pocket Positive in for his attention. In due course, the job was completed, and the revolver was sent back to me via the local FFL who had handled the initial transfer to the Custom Shop. I picked up the revolver on July 27th and at first glance, I was immediately struck by the incredible quality of the work that had been done. No longer a beat-up/worn-down relic of days gone by, my revolver had been transformed (as if by magic) into something approaching a work of fine art; poetry in steel, as it were. If I already didn’t know better, I’d be prepared to swear that the gun came off the assembly line at Colt last week (rather than more than 100 years ago).

In short, I now possess a magnificent example of firearms craftsmanship; one that I’ll be very pleased to pass onto the younger generation of my family when the time comes.

I have the honor to be very cordially yours.


August 9th, 2023  Colt Pocket Positive

A Tale Of A Needed Repair

I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful job the Custom Shop did on the repair of my Colt Python.

In 1973, as a young Police Officer with the Inglewood, California Police Department, I had the opportunity to purchase a 1957 Colt Python, 6 inch barrel, which immediately became my duty weapon.  This weapon continued as my duty weapon for many years, as I rose through the ranks and through assignments as a training officer, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant and finally Captain.  In the late 1970’s, as a Sergeant on a traffic stop late at night, I got into a fight with a suspect who was high on PCP, and incredibly strong.  During the fight, my Python became dislodged from my holster and we began to fight for control of the weapon.  I was able, at one point to kick the weapon down the street and continue the fight, ultimately gaining control of and arresting the suspect.

The damage done to the weapon required re-bluing which turned out very badly, completely obscuring the “Python” lettering along the barrel.  Nevertheless, I continued to carry the Python as my duty weapon, and continued to qualify as Distinguished Expert during qualifications.  At one point, I assisted the rangemaster with the semi-annual qualification of our Reserve Officers, and at the end of the day, the rangemaster and I would shoot the clothespins off the target wire at the 25 yard line of our outdoor range (which, sadly, no longer exists).

After retiring, I moved out of California, and a little over a year ago, during a family gathering, we drove out to some land for some target shooting.  I brought along my Python, to let my daughters fire it and experience magnum rounds.

After that day, I noticed that the barrel was off center.  I thought that I could have the threaded barrel re-seated and took it to a gun shop in Portland, Oregon.  They discovered that there was a crack in the threading of the barrel and they would be unable to repair the weapon as they had not been able to locate a replacement barrel.

After doing some research, I saw a barrel for sale at the Custom Shop, but it was not the proper thread for my 1957 Python.  I called and spoke with Devon at the Custom Shop and learned that they did have a barrel for the weapon.  I had the weapon shipped and it is now returned and I am greatly pleased to be reunited with my friend of 50 years.  I still have the original box and grips, and Devon offered me the opportunity to do a complete restoration of the Python, but I’m not ready for it to go into a shadow box with my badges of office.  The barrel swap and re-bluing was very reasonable and when the time comes for the old girl to be put away for good, I will definitely have the restoration work done at the Custom Shop.

Here are a couple of photos, one of me standing inspection as a Sergeant, and the other of the Python after its return from the Custom Shop.  Thanks again.


I recently finished engraving a Colt Python and I was unsure where to send it for finishing. The Custom Shop was recommended to me by Michael Dubber my engraving instructor and a Master Engraver. I have to say I could not have been more pleased with the process of getting my gun done from start to finish. They contacted me immediately when my gun arrived and explained their process and what I could expect from them. They took care of any issues with the gun before the final finish was done to make sure it would be in perfect condition when completed.
I was so excited to receive beautiful photos of the gun in the gray and after the final finish was done.
Thank you for giving me the royal treatment! I will be returning with more guns for you to finish for me.


Colt Customer Service,

I am from Cheyenne Wy. currently waylaid in Wylie Texas 🙂 🙂   I recently sent my late 1980’s Colt Python to Custom Shop in Hamilton Montana for service.  From the time I first spoke with Devin on the phone up to receiving my Python back, the service and professionalism was OUTSTANDING with them.  I never heard of them, found them online and did buy some Colt parts from them.  I later realized that I needed a qualified gun smith and contacted them again for help.  They assured me that they had a qualified gun smith knowledgeable in working on Colt Pythons and assisted me in getting my Python to them.  They notified me upon receipt of my revolver, kept me posted on the progress and the turnaround time was very good.  I received my revolver last week and took it to the range yesterday and it works great, as well as it ever did.  Just wanted you to know of my experience with Custom Shop and how pleased I am doing business with them.  So many times, people spend hours and words to criticize and complain but won’t take 5 minutes to talk about the good.  Dealing with them has been good, and I believe in giving credit where and when it is due. I now trust Custom Shop in Montana (the proof is always in the pudding, yes?) and will be sending them another, one of my several Pythons for some tune up.

Nice to fine good, honest, competent people who do what they say they can and will.  I will be referring them to my friends.  Once again, Thank you Custom Stop!!


Had an opportunity to take my Python to the range this past weekend and it shoots as well as ever.  Thank you and your entire team from the first time I purchased parts from The Custom Shop, (thinking I could install them myself) to yesterday when I fired it.  Dealing with The Custom Shop in its entirety, from start to finish has been a GREAT EXPERIENCE with tremendously GOOD results.  I have a 4 inch Python that BTW, is still completely assembled, 😉 that needs a little “Custom Shop Tender Loving Care” and will be sending that to you shortly, and will of course give you a heads up before I do.  The Big Man from Cheyenne is well pleased, please let your entire team know that.  Thank you One and All with my sincerest gratitude!!




When it comes to having “Colt Arms” work to restore your vintage third-generation 6″-Python Colt they no longer do these types of restoration’s. I was lucky enough not to get sucked into the idea that any gunsmith could fix my python’s timing problems but not-so as I spoke with the “Man Of Colt Firearms” in Connecticut. Well I had two Gunsmith shops to pick from as I’d been told by the Gent from Colt, so I took my shot with what sounded like a little shop in the High Country of Montana called Custom Shop Inc:.

I can say this wasn’t an easy thing to do in todays world; shipping a firearm via whatever mailing services you use when thinking of it however done anyway. Once my beloved 6″ Colt Python reached the Custom Shop the Gent’s contacted me & informed me that my revolver was there. The staff kept me updates and at times sent photo’s of how things were progressing in the shop as well because my snake-gun wasn’t the only one their nest of snakes; I’ve had my Python sum 46years These-Gent’s really seem to know just how some gun owners feel about their firearm’s in my book:

“Looking Back” after getting my Python back home and restored a new I really had no idea the Gent’s & Ladies working @ Custom Shop Inc. had a noted media program about the shop and it’s inner workings, nor the following of the family if it wasn’t for my little brother whom was looking over and reading the restoration paperwork, he came up with a few well chosen expletives (you know having kid’s around) as he whipped out his smartphone showing me “The Gunfather!!!:” I felt like Baffert T. Justice,,, Hou-Fu… & L0L:.. BIG FRANKIE C-EEE YA!!!:


Frank C.

I just wanted to say thank you for having such a great place to purchase a firearm. I recently purchased a sako l61r mannlicher and it looks fantastic. I was thinking of taking a trip out that way and would love to see the store once again! thank you!


I’ve been a “Gun Girl” since I was 3 years old!  (See photo).
My experience centered around trapshooting until I was a young adult. Over time I acquired a couple of hand guns. At one point my brother informed me that if I wanted to acquire the “best of the best”, I needed to get Colt!  Furthermore, I should get a Colt Woodsman like I had on my shoulder in that picture as a three year old.
(My dad sold that gun at some point.)
That information was duly noted and the challenge was on!

I was fortunate to become electronically acquainted with three colt collectors who were willing to allow me to purchase my first few Colts from them. One introduced to me to Lew Sanderson grips…..

After that my Colts came from random sources.

I became partial to revolvers and .22 caliber.

My Colt Diamondback   6”  .22 that the Custom Shop so beautifully restored was purchased from a friend.
I was very distressed to realize that I had somehow allowed a small spot of corrosion to develop.

I had thoughts of taking it with me this summer to various Midwest area State Trapshoots
to see if I could find a gunsmith who could/would fix it.

Then my brother, who is a big fan of the Gunfather tv show encouraged me to send it to the Custom Shop. And the rest is history!  (I didn’t have the tv channel for the show.)

I was impressed by how easy it was to maneuver the process for sending my gun for restoration. But more importantly, I
thoroughly enjoyed the personal customer service that Devin provided. We had several conversations, during which I realized he has a great degree of experience and expertise. He combines that with a very personable approach to conveying pertinent information.
He left no doubt that my gun was special and deserving of their professional restoration.
He sent me a detailed summary of what needed to be done and what the cost would be. No surprises…. I really appreciate straightforward information.
I also appreciate the timing of his calls/emails. His timely communication went a long way toward keeping me from being anxious or worrying about anything  — right down to the return shipping. Yay!

Devin repeatedly encouraged me to call or email him with any questions I might have. His exceptional customer service is a rarity these days!

My restored Diamondback is nothing short of stunning!  I could not be more pleased!
From the thorough evaluation to the actual shop work, to Devin’s
special attention  —
I was genuinely impressed from start to finish.
Kudos all around!


Julie B.


After purchasing a Colt M1917 Double Action .45 ACP Revolver, I contacted Colt’s Manufacturing Company for services.  They referred me to the Custom Shop and I am extremely satisfied with the services provided.  So much so that I plan to ship my newly acquired Colt M1901 Double Action .38 LC Revolver for similar services.  Additionally, I was impressed with the return shipment packet.

Jonathan S.

Jonathan S.

Not too long ago, I found a 6”, 1970s vintage Python that I could afford.  Yes, it had some flaws but nothing horrible.  The “freckling” from improper storage had been explained by the gentleman selling it for a widowed friend so I knew what I was getting into from the beginning.  I took it to a local ‘smith and, since the piece was sound mechanically, he advised that I leave it alone.  After a bit of thought, I called Colt, told them about the Python and asked who could do a great job, not just a good job, restoring the finish to the now half-century old revolver.  Without hesitation, the customer service representative said, “The Custom Shop in Montana.”  That was good enough for me.  I placed a call and spoke with Devin.  Being very helpful, he walked me through the process and it was so simple I could understand it!  A quick trip to FedEx for proper packing and the process began.  Devin called a couple of days after that, said the old Colt was in his hands and detailed everything recommended to bring it back to pristine condition.  He even offered to purchase it from me and, frankly, I would have made money on it if I’d have taken the offer.  I okayed the restoration process and was surprised how quickly things progressed.  Just under three weeks later, Devin called and told me the Python was packed and ready for FedEx to pick up.  Two days later, it was in my hands and, frankly, I was blown away by the restoration.  Quite simply, it looked flawless.  Following Devin’s instructions, I gave it a proper inspection and really took my time going over the Colt and could find nothing amiss.  The quality of The Custom Shop’s work speaks for itself and, now, I understand why the Colt representative made his recommendation.


Michael C.

1970’s Colt Python

Michael C.

Just got my Colt Automatic/Junior back from the Custom Shop and it looks factory new. This is my fourth gun refinished/restored by the Custom Shop and every gun was done professional and with great attention to detail. Custom Shop is the place to go to get your firearm refinished/restored. Thanks again to all the gunsmiths and technicians at the Custom Shop Inc, you are all the best in the refinish/restore firearm business.

Don S.




The Custom Shop did an excellent job restoring my 1977 Colt Python. This Python was the first handgun I purchased 38 years ago and was my pride and joy. Took it to the range one day and afterwards left it in my range bag (I forgot about it) STUPID I know. Pulled it out of the range bag and found my Python full of rust. I was devastated. I called Colt to see if they did any restoration work and of course they don’t but recommended the Custom Shop. I called the Custom Shop and talked to Devin who was very helpful on how to ship it to them and that he would be the point of contact throughout the process. The gun was done sooner than expected and when I pick it up from the Lead Bunker in Jackson MI I was so impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail. This has to be a museum quality. There was no signs of pitting from the rust. I highly recommend the Custom shop for any high end fire arm’ restoration, especially Colts.





“Just want to take this opportunity to “THANK YOU” for all that you’ve done for me and bringing my Colt back to life. Your professional demeanor and personal touch is an asset to your company. As I indicated during several of our conversations, I work ( part time) for a FFL holder in NJ and I will recommend you ( and your company) if the need arises without reservation.”

Thanks you once again for your assistance!


Paul C.


“Granted, prior to sending you my Colt, I read the testimonial section on the website and could tell excellence was the Custom Shop’s standard.  When I opened the box, I wasn’t surprised but I still uttered, “Dang!”  I really appreciated the quality of work as well as the rapid turn-a-round time.  That was sixteen days from initial contact until it was back in my hands.  Also, I liked the communications keeping me apprised of your progress.”

1975 Python

Thanks, again, Devin!

Mike C.



“Best Personalized Service in 59 years of handgunning”

Just received my NIB 3″ Python. So new the S# isn’t posted yet by colt. Best personalized service in 59 years of handgunning, and the new snake shows absolutely none of the problems with earlier “new” models. Devin has just made some serious friends with the quality of customer service he has given us, and we are going to be very vocal about the shop to a lot of people. Very pleased!


New 3" Colt Python

“I have the greatest of confidence that you will do a superb job restoring my pistol.”

I wish to extend my appreciation for restoring my  Single Action Army revolvers. I have the greatest of confidence that you will do a superb job restoring my pistol. I am looking forward to seeing the results.


Single Action Army

” If you are looking to restore an abused or worn firearm, look no further… this is your answer!”

My experience with Custom Shop (CS), began in 2018 with a referral from Colt. I called them about restoring my father’s Colt Satin Nickel Mark IV Series 80 Officer’s ACP. They recommended CS. I initiated an email exchange with CS to inquire about the cost. For me, the cost turned out to be prohibitive under my budget structure at the time. I decided to shelve the idea for a later time.
After I left government service in 2019, I decided to contact another high-end 1911 manufacturer to inquire about refinishing. They referred me to a plating company in Alabama. Long-to-short, this company all but ruined the gun. Upon receipt of the firearm, I was abysmally disappointed to say the least. A couple of months later, the light-bulb went off and I remembered my email exchange with CS in 2018.
This gun was my father’s, so I couldn’t live with leaving it in the condition that it was in. I decided to give CS a try in an attempt to salvage the inferior job done by the previous company.
From the start, Devin with CS provided all the details of the process, what to expect from CS and provided straight-forward answers. It was made clear that restoring the gun to manufacturer standards would be higher in cost ( to correct the professional negligence done by the plating company: the slide had to be replaced). For me, I wanted the gun restored to the condition it was in when my father purchased it.
When it comes to firearms, I am very meticulous in the care and maintenance of them. With that said, CS did an immaculate job…one more time immaculate! The gun is in a pristine condition ( couldn’t find any flaws). Hats off to the CS team for doing a professional job ( well worth the money spent) on a finish that is very complicated in it’s process.
If you are looking to restore an abused or worn firearm, look no further… this is your answer!
Thank you so much CS team… fine job!


" If you are looking to restore an abused or worn firearm, look no further... this is your answer!"

Custom Shop Inc,

Just a Short note to say thank you for your help in obtaining my Colt Defender SS. Unfortunately, the FFL dealer I had you ship the Colt to needs a lesson in Civility. I was very impressed with your companies’ phone service and fast response in shipping the colt to my FFL here in New Jersey. This will be the last time I use them for anything. They have no idea how to treat a customer. They totally had no clue and or civility when it comes to service. They got my phone number wrong and when the NIC’s check came back ok they could not reach me as they kept calling the wrong cell number.

My Land line number was also next to my cell number, but they never bothered to try it. I had applied for the NIC’s check Nov. 9th…… On 12/16/22 they finally called by trying different combos of numbers and was told that if I didn’t come in that day, I would have to start from scratch with the complete application starting at the local Police level which takes 5 weeks … then go thru the NIC’s approval again. In New Jersey you can only buy one Handgun every 30 days. This requires you to reapply as if you never had a permit.  I even had emailed them on there own web page email form. They never responded. I had even called then and was rudely asked if they had called me to come in and pick up my colt. When I said no… they said wait for the call …GOOD BYE!

The main reason for this email is to acknowledge your customer service and your company’s system of processing and providing information. I have delt with Many FFL dealers over the years since I returned home from Vietnam. In 1967. I must say your company is the BEST I have ever done business .

Here in New Jersey 2nd Amendment is a constant fight. Since the Supreme Court has ruled that we have the rights under the 2nd. New Jersey has been fighting the Honest Firearm owners.

We have a ton of rules that we must follow, and most are Felonies if violated . I will forward you some of these rules and Regulations to show your Customers how good they have it in your great State of Montana.

They are now in the process of passing laws that tell us where we cannot carry. Most are places you want to carry. Anyway, I want to thank you again for your excellent service and the efficiency of your company’s operation.

Also, I did call Colt Mfg and had a great conversation with customer service about your great service. I was on the phone with them for at least 20 minutes. I wasn’t surprised to hear that I was told.. “WE HEAR THAT ALL THE TIME ABOUT THE CUSTOM SHOP”. So, they know who you are and how good a company you are. 

Best Regards:  Mr. R


Colt Defender SS

“I am in receipt of the Colt 1911, U.S. Army model, which was manufactured in 1918 and restored by the Custom Shop.  I was confident the restoration work would be first rate because the Custom Shop previously restored for me a Colt New Army Navy DA 41, which was manufactured in 1902.  The Custom Shop turned that revolver into a museum piece.  The same is true of the Colt 1911.  Your attention to detail is remarkable.  The markings on the gun are crisp and uniform, including the Rampant Colt logo.  Also remarkable is that the coloring of the pistol, what collectors refer to as a “Black Army” finish, is absolutely true to its original finish.  The Custom Shop could have simply “blued” the pistol, and I probably would not have recognized the difference.  I will treasure this firearm, and I would enthusiastically recommend the Custom Shop to anyone interested in restoring a Colt firearm to its original beauty.  Please extend by compliments to the Custom Shop’s restoration team.”


Colt 1911 U.S. Army

“Hello Louie & crew,
Thank you for the Lefty 25-06 I bought from you this spring. A am 84 and still hunt on my small farm in Georgia, as well as plant food plots. I never had a left handed rifle until this one & it is a beautiful example of art, form & function. I killed the biggest ever deer on our farm with it on opening day, one high shoulder shot. I would send a pic if I knew how. Keep well, all! & thanks again.”


Sako left handed AV Finnbear Delux 25-06

“I am absolutely amazed at the job you guys did with that bolt.  It is beautiful.  I am so grateful I found the Custom Shop.  You guys will get all my work from now on and I am going to recommend y’all to all my friends down here in Louisiana. Thanks again for the GREAT WORK!!!”


Rifle Bolt Restoration

“I received the Python your shop restored for me this afternoon and I am completely blown away with the result!  It had a few scratches on it and they are gone, Completely.  The finish is smooth, clear and even, all the markings are sharp, the bluing is deeeep, dark and lustrous… It’s beautiful.  Your craftsman have exceeded my expectations.  I appreciate the communication and the documentation that was provided is a nice touch that will be preserved.  I intended to shoot it, but not sure I can bring myself  to rotate the cylinder now!”


Colt Python

“I’m so happy you guys are back on the tube, I watched the original show and thoroughly enjoyed it. Restorations is a winner as well. Keep up the great work and help keep those of us who love guns and the Second amendment happy . Cheers!”


"Restorations is a winner"

“I can enthusiastically recommend Custom Shop as the place to contact”

Shortly after purchasing my Colt Python 357 revolver, I was very upset when I accidently damaged the barrel. I was referred to Custom Shop, Inc. by the Colt manufacturing company. When I called Custom, I spoke with Devin Coleman.  He listened to my story and told me that he was sure that the gun could be repaired and that I would be pleased with the results. I sent my gun to Custom and it was repaired.  When I opened the box and unwrapped my gun, I was very happy.   My gun looked great; in fact, it looked brand new.  I can enthusiastically recommend Custom Shop as the place to contact if, unfortunately, something should happen to your gun.  You will be very happy with the results.  Thank you Devin.


1978 Colt Python Repair & Restoration

“My baby Python was still there and had not been sold”

I would like to thank you for the great service you provided me in regards to the 3 inch “California Python Roster Debacle “. I purchased a brand new 3 inch Stainless Steel Colt Python to add to my 4 and 6 inch Snake collection . I had purchased the 4 and 6 inch Pythons that were on the Great Communist State of Cali-for-Nia approved list! I just figured since the Python actions were the same for the 4 and 6 revolver, that the 3 inch would be OKAY 👍 as well. Wrong Comrade!

The pistol arrived at Orange County Guns and we went to do the DROS, when the owner said “Guess What!— this Snake is not on the California approval list?
My heart sunk as you can well imagine. The only person allowed to own this Snake would be a Peace 👮‍♀️ Officer. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate our men /woman that serve our communities, but why can’t an American Citizen with a stellar record not be allowed to own any gun except a Machine Gun-I kind of get the Machine Gun— KINDA 🫥. We tried very hard to sell the gun to Peace Officers that that frequent the gun shop. I called you and you were so helpful Devin! You said that we could see what happened with the sale in the Orange County gun shop or look at alternative IF WE were not successful selling it! The ball was directly in my court. I took it for granted that the gun would be on the CA approved list. Like Ronald Regan used to say “Accept, but verify.”
After no luck with selling the gun, I called you for help! You told me to pack it up and send it back! We did that and I called to make certain that it made it back safely. You went to great lengths to call Colt to find out what the Snag was. Nobody could confirm/or deny at COLT that CA would approve the 3 inch Python. UGH!

So Just for kicks I went online to look at the CA approval roster. Guess what showed up on the CA approved list— No way! Somehow the 3 inch Python was on the approved list for CA! You were so kind to refund my money in full. I really expected to pay a restocking fee for my bad decision. I called as soon as I found the CA “Good News”. My baby Python was still there and had not been sold. You sent the same gun back and we did the paperwork. The price of the gun actually dropped $200.00 and you pass the savings on to me. This Baby Python was a retirement present to myself for having completed working 51 years in the Family Entertainment business. Thanks again Devin for your great service. I have become an avid follower of the “Gunfather”. I have always wondered how “Bluing” was done! Like my wife would say, “the California Debacle was Kismet” !!!


2022 3" Colt Python

“The craftsmanship was fabulous”

I worked with Devin on a Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless. The craftsmanship was fabulous and Devin took great pains to keep me apprised of the progress throughout the process. It appears that the entire staff took an interest in the firearm and, although I knew what I wanted, Devin took the time to get to know me and my intentions with the gun and walk me through options. Together we developed a plan that resulted in an outstanding finished product. Devin was a pleasure to work with and I am awaiting for the next project I can come up with on which he and I can work. Thank you.


Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless

“My beat up second- hand Anaconda looked like it was absolutely brand spanking new!”

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how absolutely pleased I am with the results of your hard work.

You recently restored my Colt Anaconda. When I purchased this gun from my friend, I held out little hope that I would get much use out of it. The barrel had torqued and turned from repeated firing so the sights wouldn’t line up properly anymore. Not to mention that the previous owner had milled off a bit of the barrel rib and drilled several holes into the top strap for scope mounting. This pistol was an unsightly mess and not really useable in its condition, and though it was a rare gun, it wasn’t worth much with all of those defects.

So there I was, searching the internet for someone to do some work on my poor beat up Anaconda, when I happened upon The Custom Shop Website. I was instantly impressed by the gallery of before and after shots of all of the amazing restoration work you had already done. I decided then and there, that if anyone could fix my gun, it would be you. From my first call to your company, I was met with an air of professionality. Devon assured me that you could restore my battered pistol to its former glory. I have to say that I really wasn’t expecting much. In fact, all I was hoping for was a competent re-barreling so I could carry this pistol on my hip when I go roaming around Washington State looking for Bigfoot. Yes, I’m a believer, but I digress. 

It was several months later when Devon called me to express his concerns about filling all of the drilled holes in the Anacondas top strap. He had caught me on a vacation down in Texas when I was at a wildlife park handling baby alligators and checking out the southern Belles. As distracted as I was, I told him to do what he thought best. Again, he assured me that he wanted to achieve the highest quality results possible. I hung up and went back to my vacation. We looked for wild hogs in the Texas swamps, mined for diamonds in Arkansas, and even went to the Bonnie and Clyde ambush site in Louisiana. Good times !

It was some months later when I talked to Devon again. But this time he was letting me know that the work was complete, and my pistol was ready for shipping. He had a kind of excitement in his voice when he described the work that had been done, like he had a secret. A few days later the pistol arrived, and I instantly knew why he had sounded so giddy. I can Honestly say that I was in no way expecting the supreme level of quality restoration that Custom Shop Inc. delivered. I was absolutely blown away. My beat up second- hand Anaconda looked like it was absolutely brand spanking new !  If I didn’t know any better, I would have guessed that you guys had invented a time machine and traveled back to 1999 to get me a new pistol. I cannot believe the level of work the artisans at your shop have done ! From the welding, the re-barreling, the polishing and refinishing, it is perfect ! I want to thank each and every one of you for the hard work that you have done, as well as to compliment you all on being absolute masters of your craft. I have already told anyone who will listen about how amazing your work is, and I will continue doing so. You can look forward to working on more of my guns in the future as soon as I can save up a little cash for the next project. Thank you again for all of your incredible work !


1999 4" Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum

“The shine was beautiful, it looked better than nickel”

I bought a colt python from Custom Shop Inc. and wanted a nickel finish. Devin Informed me that the python only came in stainless steel. Devin suggested that they could do a bright polish. When I got my pistol back it looked perfect. The shine was beautiful, it looked better than nickel. I really enjoyed working with Devin Coleman he made the whole process easy. I spoke with owner Louis  Tuminaro he was very nice and helpful. I would highly recommend the bright polish method. I also would recommend Custom Shop Inc. they are totally customer focused. Thank you for help in this matter.


New Production 4.25" Colt Python High Polish!

“I would like to meet Louie senior the master of the finish!”

It has been a pleasure to have talked to you over the phone. This python is by far the most prettiest  to me that Colt has ever produced. The workmanship and the pride that the shop does is phenomenal, I wouldn’t have expected anything less. I sent my first colt out to the shop in November 2017, when I got it back I was immediately struck by the fit and finish of it. This Python is unbelievable without any question what so ever. I thank you for your help in finding this one. By far their is no other gun shop in the Eastern side of the Mississippi, than can do the work with such quality and precision and attention to detail. Hopefully this year my wife and I will be out that way and would like to visit the shop. I would like to meet  Louie Senior the master of the finish. If anybody wants work or to buy this is the place to go. As the old saying goes you pay for quality if you want quality and that is what the Custom Shop does. Respectfully yours Steve!


1969 Colt Python 4" Blue

“I will most definitely use the Custom Shop again!”

Hi Devin, I just want to say to you and the gunsmith thanks! My Colt Anaconda came out awesome! You were great to work with throughout the process and a great turn around time. Plus quality of the work was top notch. I will most definitely will use the Custom Shop again!


2020 Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum

“The work was flawless and surely better than when the Colt was purchased new.”

A few months ago, a customer came into Bullet & Barrel requesting a complete restoration on his neglected and badly rusted Colt Combat Commander. It was his first pistol and his pride and joy. We are not equipped to perform such a restoration so I recommended returning it to Colt. I was advised that Custom Shop Inc was the only shop Colt would authorize to perform that work on their behalf. I spoke with Devin at length about the Colt. I contacted our customer who had us take care of sending his pistol to Custom Shop Inc. Our customer was concerned about the costs involved. I assured him that their work would be worth every penny and that it was the only way to bring his pistol back to new condition. I also told him that it’s value after the restoration would be more than he was spending to do the restoration. Custom Shop Inc performed an impeccable restoration on the Colt. The work was flawless and surely better than when the Colt was purchased new. Our customer was extremely happy with the results and could not believe that this was the rusted pistol that he was previously so heartbroken over. I can’t say enough about the quality of work that was performed by Custom Shop Inc and its artisans. The Colt is now a beautiful work of art and will garner awe and admiration from anyone who has the opportunity to see it. I can, without reservation, gladly and highly recommend Custom Shop Inc for any and all restorations demanding the utmost detail and perfection in the restoration of their firearm.


Gunfather Restorations: 1972 Colt Combat Commander

“I’m afraid to fire the gun it looks so good!!”

You sent me my .357 Magnum Python back, I just cant believe this is the same gun I sent you! This one looks brand new, I’ve never seen anything so shiny before. And your right it is more shiny than the sun! You guys did a fantastic job polishing and it looks great and I enjoyed doing business with you guys. I’m afraid to fire the gun it looks so good!!!


6" Bright Stainless Colt Python

“Five Star experience”

I recently purchased a Colt “Python”, from Custom Shop, Inc. The entire process was a simple and seamless transaction. I am quite satisfied with their competitive pricing and very fast shipping! Five Star experience and hope to do business with them in the future. Thank you.


New Production 6" Colt Python

“Devin the and Crew went the extra mile, they are wizards in their field!”

During the 1980’s I purchased 2 Colt Pythons with an 8″ inch barrels.  I always thought the Pythons were the coolest handguns Colt ever produced.  December 2017 we had the Thomas Fire in California.  I had all my handguns in a safe in my garage which was completely destroyed. My Pythons were charred pieces of medal.

For 4 years they sat in a metal cabinet.  I reached out to other firearm restoration shops.  When I explained that they were both in a fire they wouldn’t want to repair them.  One day my wife and I were  watching the Gunfather on TV,  She mentioned I should reach out to you  regarding my Pythons.  I said why not, it wouldn’t hurt.  So I sent an email to you and I received a reply.

I sent them to your shop, and I received an email  that they can be brought back to life.  I gave the okay, Devin Coleman was my contact throughout  the restoration process.  The Crew made sure every detail was addressed and that it was safe to fire.  When I received them, my jaw dropped!   I couldn’t believe these were the same Pythons, they are better than new!  Devin and the Crew went the extra mile, they are wizards in their field!  I have 2 sons and they each will  receive one.  Thank you so much Custom Shop Inc.!


2 1980 Colt Python 8" Complete Restoration

“Another range session confirmed the prior, and this gun has gone back into use, a treasured possession I shall one day bequeath to my son.”

My very first experience with the M1911A1 came in 1980, at age 17.  I’d been posted to an infantry unit, in Korea, and as I was an M60 Machine Gunner, a sidearm was standard issue, and in that era it meant a well-used M1911A1. My prior experience with sidearms was precious little, and my Platoon Sergeant, SFC Glenn R. Bollinger, gave me an Army Field Manual, with the order “Study up…”

The field manual had instructions on field stripping the weapon, and my own issued example was a Colt, made sometime between 1917 and 1945, which was parkerized and had seen a lot of use. There were no embellishments or customizations to it…this was strictly a GI gun.

As to Manual Of Arms, the FM contained grainy photos of a WW1 Trooper, in riding breaches and campaign hat, using the weapon one handed. There was not a single depiction of a soldier crouched in a Weaver Stance, like I’d seen in Guns & Ammo, or similar. It came to me in a flash: the men were drilled in one handed use because they’d be expected to hang onto the pommel of their saddle contemporaneous with the adoption of the M1911.

I’m an older man, now, and have numerous M1911s…including one marked Shanghai Municipal Police.  My own father, Norman Grevillius long claimed to be the last Marine on the boat in Shanghai, for the evacuation of US Personnel in 1949. His summation of the M1911 was “It’s as useless as a 2LT with a pencil in his hand…” My own opinion is rather different.

Earlier in 2022, I was privileged to acquire from a veteran older than myself, a 1959 era Colt National Match. He’d forgotten its provenance, and could offer no explanation for its condition, estimating that it’d once become rusted, and was “cleaned up” and re-blued.  The engraving was present, tho blurred by the buffing wheel. This particular example is a Softball Gun, with the lightening cuts in the interior dimensions of the slide.  A range session with 200gr LSWC was very pleasing, and rather than just leave the gun a ‘shooter,’ I contacted the Colt Factory.  A few discussions ensued, and finally the factory representative told me “Why don’t you send your gun to the Custom Shop, in Montana? Their work is as good as ours, and sometimes even the Colt Factory sends a project to them.”

Once I contacted Custom Shop, they agreed to take on the project, asking rather importantly “What do you intend for this gun?”

My intention was sufficient restoration to make it an object of mechanical beauty, functional sculpture and useful defense and match gun.  It will not be a Safe Queen. We agreed to buff out a few blemishes, restore the engraving and markings, but not to recreate the serrations in the rib atop the slide, which had also fallen to rust and a buffing wheel. The gun was to be charcoal blued, with the top of the slide returned matte, and the side brilliantly polished as in the Golen Era of Colt Pistols. The man I spoke with at Custom Shop told me “Sixty to Ninety days…” In my query as to time involved.  Too many gunsmiths are vague in this, which is frustrating as hell. This was a fair estimate, which required no explanation.

The restoration would be costly, as anything good and worthy should always be.  Chicken salad cannot be made from chicken shit.  So off she went to Montana.

In the intervening time, I went to NY City, to bury a Police Detective friend, and work a case.  Twelve days in, Custom Shop contacted me, and alerted me that the work was completed, and they’d be returning my 1959 Colt National Match, promptly. Then followed a few photos which beggared description.  It looked like someone else’s gun, rather than the piece I’d shipped. When it was arrived, and disinterred from careful, oil-soaked wrappings, I put my eye to every aspect and angle of the gun.  The engraving had been perfectly restored. Comparing this gun to a Colt Python…an immaculate example I keep loaded in a desk, I could detect no difference in bluing or finish. The top of the slide was perfectly dressed. For this occasion I’d been saving a set of hand dressed stag grips, of undetermined age, and silver grip screws. Why should a vintage, pristine Buick have shitty tires and battered hub-caps? Another range session confirmed the prior, and this gun has gone back into use, a treasured possession I shall one day bequeath to my son. The money I spent on this with Custom Shop was commensurate in every way with what was returned.


1959 Colt 1911 National Match Complete Restoration!

It was the highlight of their visit and I know they will be back!

THANK YOU!!! I wanted to say a huge thank you to Devin! We had friend from out of state that we haven’t seen in over 30 years visiting us. One of them happened to be a gunsmith from El Paso and an loyal watcher of The Gunfather. We contacted your shop very last minute and Devin was gracious enough to stay late on the Friday night of a holiday weekend to give us a tour of your incredibly impressive facility!! It was the highlight of their visit and I know they will be back! These days we rarely hear the good things or acknowledge those who excel at their jobs but Devin was incredible (his passion for what he does was contagious!) and while l’ve sent him a personal note I wanted to again thank him here. Sincerely and with much appreciation, Vicki Hudson


Walkthrough the Shop

Colt Python Revolver

Great job on my Colt Python!! Works great. I am very happy!!


Satisfied Customer

Colt 357 Revolver

I was getting pretty frustrated finding a gunsmith to repair my Colt 357 revolver. I’ve owned the gun since the mid 70s and hoped to find someone local to work on it when the cylinder stopped revolving. Finally, I gave up and reached out to Colt customer service. They referred me to Custom Shop. After a short call to you and filling out an online form and the repair process was in motion. I dropped off the gun at the local gun shop where I purchased the Colt and they forwarded it to you. The following week I spoke to you, and we reviewed the scope of the work done on my gun. I had an email document from you so we could review the scope of work together. Shortly after I received the shipping/tracking information and received a message from the gun shop that they had received your return shipment. The package was labelled to only open in front of the gun owner and the gun shop opened the package when I arrived. I have never seen anything packed so carefully. When we finally worked our way to the gun inside the package my Colt looked better than it has in many years. In a world where excellent service seems to be getting increasingly rare your service was exceptional. Your communication was timely and accurate. And the turnaround very fast. So, I feel very fortunate that Colt made the recommendation. I hope I never have to get this revolver serviced again but Custom Shop will be my first option if needed. Regards, Jon R Lawrence


Your communication was timely and accurate.

Python Restoration



This Was Worth The Cost

I Once Again Feel Complete

Thanks so much for your service, it was quick and professional. The man on the phone (can’t remember his name) was very knowledgeable and spent extra time to talk. As promised, he called me back the same day he received my Python and again went over my repair needs. I couldn’t believe it; I got my Python back in two weeks right to my front door. That night I went to the gun club and ran 100 rounds through it with several 10x’s I was very Happy!! When I sent my Python, I included a new cylinder and ratchet, but they didn’t need them, they had factory ratchets for the repair, they checked all internal parts and checked timing. The Custom Shop then offered to buy the new cylinder and ratchet, that I wouldn’t be needing. I’m so happy to get my snake back in perfect working condition. I once again feel complete! I highly recommend The Custom Shop!


Replacement Stock

One day, I received a call from Louis Tuminaro, owner of The Custom Shop, Hamilton Montana, who invited me to do a guest appearance on his show, The Gunfather, on the Outdoor Channel. He told me he had begun to make replacement stocks in Super Grade for Winchester pre-64 Model 70s. When I told him I needed a replacement Super Grade stock, he offered to make it if I would appear on his show. Since it was a replacement and not original, I had him use genuine ebony for the tip and paid for the upgrade of exhibition-grade American walnut. I first saw the completed stock, this one, when he unveiled it to me in live action during the filming of the Season 2 episode called “The devil is in the details”. The finished stock is amazing: the wood grain figure and color came out better than I expected. The fancy feather crotch walnut would easily grade as Exhibition Grade. When I examined the interior inletting of the stock, Tuminaro’s work looks so close to Winchester’s, that I asked him to put some kind of mark or brand in the stock on future ones so an expert can know they are made by Louie.


Author of the book, The Rifleman’s Rifle

Rifle Restoration

Thank you very much for the work you did on my Pre-war, Model 70 Winchester, 300H&H. The new stock is great, the bluing outstanding and I couldn’t believe that you finished the job as soon as you did. The only problem is that the rifle looks so nice (like new) and the workmanship so good, I don’t know if I want to drag it around the mountains or Africa.


Thank You! You guys are efficient.


Rifle Restoration

I just really wanted to drop you all a card to thank each of you for the “Fantastic” job you all did on the Sako 270 Rifle Project you did for me. The gun just turned out absolutely “FANTASTIC”! I am so happy about this gun & love looking at it. Thank you all very much and I look forward to doing some other gun collection/restoration projects with you in the very near future.


Colt Python Restoration

Just picked it up yesterday. Positively stunning!


Firearm Purchase

Thanks for a quick, easy deal. The shooter was just as advertised, & everything I was looking for. I’m glad I discovered you guys. Thanks again!


Colt Python Restoration

I got my blued Python today. Pictures are one thing…but…DAY-UM-M-M-M-M-M-M…Louie’s good! Thank you…you guys are INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!


Colt Python Restoration

I love how the Python turned out. I will recommend your business anytime.


Colt Python Restoration

We received the python today, and Oh what a smile you put on Ernie’s face!! It couldn’t have come at a better time as he needed a little cheering up. It is BEAUTIFUL and we are both so pleased. Thank-You so very very much. We will pass your name on to all our friends on the wonderful work that you do and how kind you have been. Thank-You again!


Colt Python Restoration

What can I say? SUPERB JOB! And… It takes a lot to impress me. I’m severely O.C.D. Thanks for providing me with the astute white gloves, so that I could pull the hammer back one time to check the timing. I will be putting the original Gen I grips back on and placing it back into the box for long term storage. It’s no longer just a shooter. It’s back to it’s 1957 condition and I couldn’t believe it. I would like to say thanks to all who put work into this! What’s everyone’s name that had a hand on it and what was their job? I’d really like to know. Makes it a little more personal. I will definitely show this off with the “before” pictures. I had extreme reservations about the idea of getting this re-blued. I’m more than impressed and will try my best to send you more business. Thanks to all for treating my Python like it was their own.


Rifle Bolt Restoration

I am absolutely amazed at the job you guys did with that bolt. It is beautiful. I am so grateful I found the Custom Shop. You guys will get all my work from now on and I am going to recommend y’all to all my friends down here in Louisiana. Thanks again for the GREAT WORK!!!


Website & Customer Service

Wanted to say that it was a pleasure talking with you today about the Colt Python that I was interested in— but was already sold. And again I want to complement you — Your Website is an ‘Outstanding example ‘ of great design with absolute ease to view and understand. The photography is second to none— the Very Best that I have ever seen on any gun site. Your place of business as shown is amazing. Wish I could visit in person.


Colt Python Restoration

Thank you for the work that your company did. I had planned to give feedback sooner, but I have been too busy showing it off to my friends at the range. They as I are very impressed… I am impressed. Thank You very much.


As a fine gun enthusiast and hobby gunsmith for 50+ years, one day I found that my gun safe was bursting at the seams. It was time to trim back! But I dreaded the chore of trying to sell a large number of guns on-line by myself. That’s when I contacted Lou Tuminaro at the Custom Shop. Over the course of a year or two I would deliver 5 or 10 fine guns at a time to the Custom Shop and Lou would sell them. Initially I winced at the idea of paying a sales commission. But frequently the sales price for one of my guns exceeded what I would have listed it for. It was not long before I realized I was making more than I anticipated from the sale of my guns regardless of the commission. In fact, Lou and his staff earn their commission. For example, the Custom Shop has an in-house professional photographer. Good pictures sell guns. Making accurate appraisals, skillfully answering questions from potential buyers, prepping guns to look their best for a buyer, and boxing and shipping guns is hard work. The Custom Shop has mastered it all. Finally, it is not possible to depart from a visit to the Custom Shop without a smile on your face. Lou, Theresa, and the staff at the Custom Shop are good people.


Wanted to drop you a note, to say thank you for the entire process of purchasing a firearm from your site. Highlights I want to point out: 1. John at your shop is great to work with. I called, as I had never purchased a firearm online. John walked me through the purchase process (new firearm), as well as the FFL process, answered all my questions, and never once made me feel like I was bothering him or wasting his time. He even called me when my package was shipped out (in addition to the email I received), to keep me in the loop as to progress. Wonderful customer service from him. 2. Your website is super easy to navigate. Pictures of firearms are clear, descriptions are spot on and extremely helpful. I received exactly what your website promised me I’d receive, and I couldn’t be happier. 3. Ship times are very quick, and your prices seem better than reasonable. Whether true or not, I firmly believe I got my Colt Government Model Comp. Series. 45 Auto. 5″ Nat. Match Barrel. Stainless Finish. New In Case, at a steal of a price! All in all, I will highly recommend your shop to anyone that asks, and you have a returning customer in me as well, should you have any more items/services I’m looking for. Thank you again.


Colt Python Restoration

I sent my Colt Python to get it reblued, when it came back I did not want to touch it Damn Great!! Louie is one of last true gunsmith’s left. I will send all of my firearms to him. l feel that my Python is of museum quality. I would recommend all and anybody to this company. Super work and great service. What less can i say??? Super! I called Colt and told them about my satisfaction and how my python is looking now. I told them that I would recommend your company to anyone who is wanting quality work done excuse that, I mean exceptional quality number 1 work to have done. Tell Louie I do appreciate his craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Just a quick note to thank you for all of your wonderful service selling the Browning Ducks Unlimited Shotgun for me. I really appreciate all of your work and professionalism, and would not hesitate to recommend you to any gun owner needing your service, you guys Rock!!


Colt Diamondback Restoration

This Diamondback is one of the finest pieces I have ever held in my hand. Thanks to Colt Mfg for referring me to your company for restoration. You have turned this piece into a fine diamond!


I thought I would send you a couple of pictures of a nice Texas whitetail deer which I was blessed to get recently down here with the beautiful Sako 75 Bolt Action Rifle in .270 Winchester caliber you restored for me. I am so proud of how this gun turned out and just love looking at it and especially getting it out for special occasions such as this. I also think about all of you at the Custom Shop as well! Thanks so much for such a GREAT JOB on this beautiful dream rifle.


Rifle Restoration

Considering this gun is 50+ years old it’s quite a transformation. My first deer rifle from my Dad in 1967…it looks incredibly beautiful and can’t wait to get it! Thanks for everything to Louie and everyone who had a hand in on the restoration of my Sako. Absolutely beautiful!


Colt Trooper Restoration

I just received my Colt Trooper MK III and what a masterpiece it has turned into. Unbelievable, Superb, museum quality. I could go on and on. I consider myself a perfectionist and when I bought this gun, on a gun website that I won’t mention by name, it was misrepresented and every where I looked I found scratches, pitting and actual rust. You can’t imagine the words that were coming out of my mouth. I was so ticked off that I put it in a drawer for a month and forgot about it. One day my wife asked where the gun was so I told her what was up and she suggested that I call Colt and get a quote for re-bluing and that she would pay for it and make it my Christmas present. I jumped at her suggestion only to be disappointed again when Colt told me that they no longer worked on Trooper MK III’s but they did recommend the Custom Shop and that’s when things really turned around. I spoke with John Williams first and he gave me all of the particulars and that’s all it took. I shipped mu gun the next day! Once they received the gun Louie called and went over everything with me and sent out a very detailed invoice covering everything that they would be doing and gave me a price, to the penny, on how much it would cost. He promised me that it would look as good (well better) than the day it was originally shipped by Colt. This gun is now a true masterpiece in every sense of the word. I would like to thank everyone at the Custom Shop for making this a very pleasant experience starting with their communication to the fantastic work they did. I know this is a lengthy testimonial, but I just couldn’t leave anything out. My parting words are that if you want one of your cherished firearms brought back to life again, send it to Louie and the gang. I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed!! I just wanted to let you know that I contacted Colt to let them know what a great job that you did on my Trooper. They said that they have been getting nothing but good feedback about Custom Shop.


Colt King Cobra Restoration

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the work you did on my Colt King Cobra. The barrel installation is perfect and whatever you did to clear up the action problem it was having is pure magic. First time out with the repaired Colt I was able to put together groups that blew me away. Best group ever for me. Thanks again.


California Forest Fire Damaged (2 Colt Pythons & 1 Colt Diamondback) Restorations

I am absolutely delighted with my Colt revolvers and amazed at the level of workmanship in their restoration; they look brand new! Please give Louie my sincere thanks for bringing my Colt revolvers back to new condition, he is a true artist in the world of gunsmiths. I don’t want to touch them unless I am wearing the white gloves he provided! The letters of restoration were an unexpected surprise and a really nice touch that added to the high level of professionalism and customer service from the Custom Shop Inc. Someday I will take the Colts to the range and actually shoot them, however, for the time being, I am enjoying just looking at them.


Colt Python Restoration

I’m very pleased with customshopinc service. My Colt Python looks brand new and action is Python like again. I almost don’t want to shoot it Lol! These guys were also very good with the payment arrangements and left a nice note with all the paperwork thanking me for my military service. If my Python needs repairs or I get anymore I’ll be using these guys again. I also will be checking out their shop for sure.


Colt Anaconda and Pythons – Repair & Restoration

Can’t tell you how pleased I am with the work of Custom Shop. Impressive!


Rifle (Winchester Model 70 Pre-64) Restoration

Wow! You guys outdid yourselves. Absolutely beautiful! It now has the honored spot in the safe. Thanks again!


Colt Python Restoration

I wanted to wait until after I was able to try out my beautifully restored Python to contact you. Your company was recommended to me by the manufacturer, COLT FIREARMS, INC. Their recommendation turned out to be very well founded. You and your staff performed a superb job, and I recommend you and your company to anyone considering a firearms restoration. Thank you again!


Colt Revolver Restorations

I just wanted to let you guys know how impressed I am with the work your team did on my Colts. Not just with the finished work but the entire process. I was recommended to you guys through Colt when they told me that they weren’t working on the double action revolvers anymore. I was honestly shocked and a little skeptical to reach out to other shops. I’m glad I found you guys. Lou you had me sold the first time we spoke. Your confidence on how impressed I would be with the finished product is what got me. I sent out a 2.5” King Cobra to be mirror polished and 2 Pythons for a barrel swap and reblue. When I got them back they looked like museum pieces. I have had work done at other shops and difference in the workmanship is night and day. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Lou two thumbs up five stars A+ whatever you want to call it your team rocks! Thank you Theresa. Thank you John. Thank you Lou.


Colt Sauer Stock Replacement

John, I have been trying to put into print my sincere appreciation of the art that Lou does when he creates replacement stocks such as mine for my Colt Sauer. When I first saw it in person I cried with happiness. I have shown it to all of my close friends and they too say only a few words of praise for the skill that it took to craft this beautiful product. Appreciation does not have to come with a lot of words. My heartfelt thanks to you, Lou and your entire company for making hunters like me smile every time we lay your beautiful, replacement rifle stocks in our laps while we look out into our world of hunting and we thank our country for the freedom to do so.


Customer Service

Just wanted to say I am impressed beyond belief at how great your customer service is. I purchased a vintage Beeman R7 air rifle this week and received it this morning. It was packaged better than any gun I’ve ever bought, and everything you guy do just screams of professionalism. Thanks


Colt King Cobra Restoration

I received my King Cobra today. Could you tell Louie that it looks awesome. It looks brand new! The people at my gun shop where I pick it up couldn’t believe how nice it looks. They ask me if I had a few of your business cards so I passed them along. Again tell Louie that he did a outstanding job.


I really, really appreciate the truly amazing one on one customer service that Louie gave me on a very specific item. The package arrived earlier than expected. I opened the package and looked at all that was included in the case assembly. I was really amazed of the complete content. All exactly to the Colt Firearm website original content when this particular firearm was manufactured and shipped. I was way above astounded to the quality and condition of what Louie had sent me. Truly amazed. Thank you very much to Louie and to the Custom Shop. I have given out the Custom Shop info to all of my very serious gun collector friends and will continue to do so. Again, thank you very much Louie and the Custom Shop for the fantastic customer service, quality products, great pricing and the above and beyond helpful knowledgeable product information. You will be hearing from me soon on some other firearms that need some touching up, some complete restoration work and firearm sales and purchasing. You have a lifetime customer.


Hello, Wanted to say THANK YOU, for all your help with the consignment on my father’s collection. You made the process painless, professional and a win win for all. Will be recommending your shop at every opportunity.


Colt Python Nickel Restoration

I want to thank you both for the fantastic job your employees did refinishing my Colt Python revolver. You exceeded all my expectations and more. No wonder Colt highly recommended your organization. You are the best and deserve all kudos possible.


Colt Diamondback Restoration & Customer Service

Ola, I just want to say Muchas Gracias. I received my fully resorted Colt Diamondback (royal blue) today. When I opened the box and saw my toy I was taken on how beautiful my revolver looked after restoration. What can I say, You Guys hit the Wow Factor – I was looking at a brand new Colt Diamondback. The workmanship that went into my revolver ‘s restoration was above & beyond and the Royal Bluing polishing on the entire gun looks like a mirror. Thank you Mr John Williams for all of your assistance and excellent customer service along with everyone who worked on my revolver. I am glad I called Colt they highly recommended me to get in contact with Custom Shop Inc. I am happy I did and I will be boxing up my Colt python (Blue) and shipping it next. I am confident my Python will be handled in the same way my Diamondback was. I can not say enough positive things about Custom Shop Inc. & their customer service. I will contact Colt Firearms and thank them for their recommendation and tell them how Happy I am. Muchas Gracias.


Colt Python Repair & Restoration

I looked over the work Custom Shop, Inc. performed on my Python yesterday upon receipt. My initial impression was the work was done well. However, I held off writing to you because I wanted the opportunity to look at the gun in the morning sunlight. I can find no imperfection in your work. I sent the gun out for a timing problem and ended up with a full restoration. I’m very satisfied that I did. The gun looks so beautiful I did not even want to cock the hammer to confirm the timing issue was resolved. I always intended on using the gun as a shooter but now put it into the category of a work of art. The finished product makes me consider how my old Colt Detective model would look restored. I am very satisfied with your work and will recommend your shop to others.


Website Purchase Experience

Received the rifle from my local dealer today. Just want to thank you for your professionalism. Rifle was certainly as advertised if not better. Packaging and paperwork were very professional and complete. Pleasure doing business.


Colt 1903 Restoration

Just got back from a long range fishing trip and saw the work that you had done on my 1903. I could not be happier with the outcome! Fantastic job!


Website Purchase Experience

I drew a hand full of aces when I selected Custom Shop, Inc. From start to finish my purchasing experience with John and his staff was very positive. John and his crew were professional yet friendly at all times. The pistol purchased was exactly as described. Shipping was done flawlessly and customized due to problems at my end of the chain. The problems were handled with skill that can come only from many such tailored transactions. The pistol was wrapped securely which resulted in not only a timely delivery but one that insured the pistol was undamaged at this end. Thank you John. Please extend to your staff my thanks for their part in this transaction.


Website Purchase Experience

I drew a hand full of aces when I selected Custom Shop, Inc. From start to finish my purchasing experience with John and his staff was very positive. John and his crew were professional yet friendly at all times. The pistol purchased was exactly as described. Shipping was done flawlessly and customized due to problems at my end of the chain. The problems were handled with skill that can come only from many such tailored transactions. The pistol was wrapped securely which resulted in not only a timely delivery but one that insured the pistol was undamaged at this end. Thank you John. Please extend to your staff my thanks for their part in this transaction.


Colt Woodsman Restoration

The gun looks great like a new gun bluing is factory grade. The few people that I have showed which I limit could not believe the condition of the gun after restoration and I made sure they wore the gloves you provided. I own several rifles, shotguns, AR’s, and handguns. I keep them looking like new. I am proud to add this to my collection. I will keep Custom Shop cards and recommend anyone about the work that is done.


Colt Python Restoration

I just arrived from vacation and I had a box waiting for me. When I finally opened it I was taken by how my Colt Python turned out after restoration. I was looking at a true work of art and I was impressed on how much attention you guys gave to my revolver. Like my Colt Diamondback you guys restored to a work of art, I knew my Colt Python would be returned to me with all of the same attention you gave my Diamondback. Thank you and your crew for an excellent job. I am a very happy return customer and will recommend Custom Shop Inc on Colt restorations. Keep up your excellent customer service!


Browning Safari Rifle Restoration

I can not thank you all enough for the amazing work done on the Browning Safari that belonged to my dad. The pictures you sent didn’t do it justice. It probably didn’t look that good new. It shines more than my brand new Browning Medallion. The turn around on that was insanely quick and it is flawless. I am unable to express how impressed and grateful I am to have had such amazing work done on something that means the world to me. My two brothers and my sister also thought everything was just amazing and they only have seen the pictures of everything. The photos with your personal messages on them really hit. Getting those before even seeing the rifle, I still got really emotional and I’m not even close to being ashamed to admit it. Pulling that rifle out of the case was more of the same. The sweatshirts I also purchased are really cool and will be worn proudly. Hopefully they draw you another customer or two. I could keep rambling but I am so glad I found Custom Shop Inc. You are all awesome and your work is amazing. Thank you for bringing this rifle back to life and helping out to build this into a legacy piece and have it be more than just something really cool that belonged to the ol’ man. It had some adventures in its’ day and they story must continue. Again, thank you so much! I love it!


Colt Python Restoration

I received my 4” Colt Python back from Custom Shop, Inc., today and felt I needed to send you this note. Amazing… Incredible… are two words that come to mind immediately on what I saw. Several years ago, I mistakenly stored my prized Colt in a safe and didn’t take it out to look at it for a couple years. When I finally did, what I found was a rusted and pitted piece of metal that was a shadow of its former beauty. Needless to say I was heartbroken. I removed the rust and tried to restore it to the best of my ability, but it was still in terrible shape. Even in the poor shape that it was in, it quality and ability to be point on for hitting the target was still in its foundation. My daughter who is also an avid shooter knew how upset I was and somehow found Custom Shop, spoke to you and sent my Python to you for restoration. While skeptical on what the end results were going to be given the damage, you were going to be that last chance to restore this Colt to its former beauty. What you sent back was nothing short of amazing. The craftsmanship and results turned this abused Colt back into its former beauty. It looks like it just came out of the box when I purchased it new, back in 1976. What an incredible job you did, I couldn’t be happier… WOW… I would recommend your services to anyone who has a restoration project for any of their firearms. I can’t Thank You enough for the great job you did!


Colt Python Restoration

I wrote to say thank you for the outstanding work and I couldn’t be more pleased with my Python! I am mad that I can’t shoot it now as I intended given how beautiful it is! For that matter I can’t even check the trigger work you did for fear of making a cut line on the cylinder! It was a pleasure… and any time you are in Dallas give me a call and I’ll treat you to some wonderful food!


Colt Diamondback Nickel Restoration

I received the Diamondback today- it is spectacular. I really admire the craftsmanship. Thank you so much for the fine work!


Colt Anaconda, Trooper, and Official Police Restorations

The Revolvers look outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your shop for any custom revolver work. In fact, I have a friend with a python who may want his reblued in the near future and you can bet you will be my first and only recommendation. Truly Colt, or better, quality! Thanks again! Also, thank you for being accommodating with my being able to pay not all at once, or in full in one payment!


Colt Python Restoration

Thank You John, Louie and Crew. A double Wow! Everything was as advertised and as promised, even completed in less time than I expected. The restoration and workmanship was and/or is First Class. All of the Custom shop personnel were polite and professional in keeping me informed throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend your services and would refer anyone in a heartbeat. Keep up the good work.


I wanted to write you a note of THANKS for helping my daughter and I sell my deceased husband’s gun collection. I have appreciated your honesty and professional handling of each piece sold with respect to our wishes! It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Colt Anaconda Restoration

Yesterday, I picked up my Anaconda from my FFL Just wanted to thank you and your staff for doing such a beautiful restoration job on my Anaconda. In the next few days, I will order a Colt Anaconda Blue case from your company to complete the set.


Website Purchase Experience

I just wanted to send a Thank you in regards to the 1958 Marlin 39a that I purchased from your shop several weeks ago. This is the first time that I have ever purchased a gun on line before and I was a bit hesitant about the transaction especially with the gun being on consignment. I was Super Excited when my local gun shop called and said that it had arrived. The gun was in excellent condition (probably better than I expected) and performed well after I had a chance to try it out. Please tell Lou ( I think that’s who I spoke to) thank you for talking to me over the phone. It’s good to know there are still good, honest people in this world. Thanks again!


Colt SAA and Colt Python Restorations

To everyone at Custom Shop, Inc, I’d like to thank you all for the wonderful work you did restoring my 1956 Colt SAA and my 1962 Colt Python, I was super excited to see how lovely they turned out…Thanks Again for the Fantastic work, they are basically new again.


Colt Python Restoration

To John and all of the capable staff employed at Custom Shop, Inc., let me start by saying a very heartfelt “Thank You” for the expertise, time, and professionalism I was afforded on my recent experience with your company. I trusted a very special firearm to John and his staff for restoration. What I sent to them was a very sick 1991 model Colt Python .357 magnum, 6 inch barrel, blue steel. This treasured family heirloom was in what I considered to be very poor condition. The cylinder, barrel, and side plate had significant rusting along with various scratches. When I spoke personally with John about the history of my Python and the condition it was in…John reassured me that he could restore the weapon to a condition that would be “like new”. I received my restored Python this morning and I was completely blown away by the restored condition of this firearm. To say that it was restored to original factory condition would be a major understatement. My Python is above and beyond immaculate condition. It is absolutely much more than I could have hoped for. Everything that John promised he delivered. The price I was quoted was not one penny above what I paid. Every interaction I had with employees with Custom Shop Inc., was professional, honest, and most of all pleasant. I truly believe that there is no other company providing the services that John and his employees provide that can match or exceed his skill, work, quality and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend Custom Shop, Inc., to any and all that I meet. There are not enough adjectives to describe work that they do and how I feel about dealing with them. I am sure that John and his staff will be receiving more of my firearms for restoration. It has been a true pleasure and joy to have dealt with them. I am one happy camper!! Thank You!!


Colt Python California Combat Restoration

Tell everyone that I received the Python today and it is so professionally done and packaged. I love it. It is awesome. Plus I received the colt letter yesterday to verify that it is truly a California Combat. It is a masterpiece!!!


Colt Pre-Woodsman and Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless Restoration

Just received my two pistols last week and I can’t tell you how happy I am, they are stunning! And I hope to do more business with you at a later time. I would recommend these folks who have any restoration work done. I see why Colt recommends them because their work is superior! Thank you so much.


Colt Diamondback 38 Special and Colt Diamondback 22 LR Repair & Restoration

Your restoration on my 2 Colt Diamondback Revolvers is PERFECT! However, I now have 2 brand new Colt Diamondback revolvers. The only problem…they’re so beautiful they go in the safe, waiting for the next person to take care of them after I go! Your work is without comparison. I no longer have to worry about shooting my “shooter” Colts: if I can’t fix them, and they’re worth fixing, they go to you. Your customer service maybe the best part of dealing with Colt Custom Inc. It made all the difference in the world that you called me, out of the blue, to update me on how work was progressing. That meant everything to me, even though I never had any concerns. The presentation and delivery was top notch. I love having the NOTARIZED restoration certificate. It goes in the box, right next to the pistol. It was fantastic that you quoted me a price, stuck to the price, and delivered without any added costs. Top notch service. Thank you again. Everything about your service and company is top notch. It far exceeded any of my expectations. No wonder Colt Manufacturing recommends sending Colt Pistols to YOU!


Colt MKIV 380 Auto Nickel Restoration

I have been waiting to receive the return of the firearm listed above and today it arrived. I could tell right away based on the packaging alone that professionals were in all positions of this organization. I took extreme care opening the package however I would have like to just tear it open to see inside but I waited. When I opened the case and gazed at the firearm before me I was glad I was sitting down. I could not believe what my eyes were telling me! The Absolute Perfection & Workmanship was Staggering and to top that off I noticed a set of white gloves in the package and needless to say man that is pure 100% class ! This Colt firearm is like it’s brand new there are NO exceptions. The quality is truly amazing. I can understand why the Colt Organization chose your company for restoration of their firearms. John, Please give my heart felt thanks to your team. The accompany documents was very nice touch as well ! John, Well Done !!


Colt Python Restoration

I received my Colt Python. The work Custom Shop did is awesome and I cannot thank you enough for an excellent job and the excellent service throughout this process. I am extremely happy with the way it turned out and want you to know that this piece will become an heirloom for my family for years to come. Thanks again!


Colt Python Nickel Restoration

I just received my colt python restoration – it’s absolutely beautiful! I am truly amazed at the workmanship and the presentation. I’m very impressed on the way it was packaged and shipped. The paperwork of certification is absolutely beautiful If I need any work in the future, I definitely will be contacting your company.


Smith & Wesson Model 41 Restoration

Louie, John, and all the staff at Custom Shop Inc., I would like to thank you for the beautiful restoration job that was done on my Smith&Wesson, model 41. I don’t think it looked that good 40+ years ago when I bought it. I could go on and on about what a fine job you guys did, but most important to me was the customer service I received. When I contacted Custom Shop Inc., it was via email. That very same day I received a call back from Louie, and he had a story to tell about his fathers Smith&Wesson, model 41. We swapped story’s for a good 20 minutes and by the end of our conversation I knew this was the company I wanted doing the restoration on my gun. The pistol will remain in my family and pass to my son, then down to my grandson, and my new great grandson, and who knows maybe you’ll get the chance to restore it again in 40 years. Thank again for a great job!


Colt Python Restoration

I normally never write reviews. In fact it is usually a good thing when businesses don’t hear back from me because it usually means I’m satisfied with whatever services were provided. However, I wanted to reach out and thank Custom Shop, Inc., for the excellent restoration you guys did on my Python. My father and I were blown away when we saw the gun after restoration. As an Aerospace Engineer by profession part of my job is to thoroughly inspect and evaluate parts, processes and workmanship to some pretty rigorous standards. So I can be very critical when it comes to services like this and in one of the rare cases my expectations were exceeded with this Python restoration. Great Job! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am. I finally have an heirloom quality Python I can pass down to my son. Thank you Custom Shop!


Colt Diamondback Restoration

First, let me thank you and your master gunsmith for doing amazing restoration work for my Colt Diamondback. Simply put, it’s “perfect”! It’s much more than what I was expecting. It’s better than factory new condition. Also, I very much appreciate the certification documents you provided. They provide valuable proof that this restoration was done by true Colt certified technicians/artists.


Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Repair & Restoration

I am Totally Happy with the work performed on my Pistol. You Guys went beyond my expectations. Thank You! I will be sure to have dealings with you in the future for my restoration and repair needs. I am also recommending you to my Friends and Family. Again,Thank You!!!


Colt Anaconda Repair & Restoration

I received my Anaconda this evening. It is beautiful! You did a very good job on it. I am very pleased. I can’t wait to see it in the daylight. And, I can really see the barrel forcing cone erosion in the old barrel. Didn’t know what that was before, but it obviously was a big part of the problem with throwing lead back in my face. I’m so glad it is been repaired and restored by your team of professionals. I’m torn now as to whether to shoot it or keep it in pristine condition. I’ll get over it eventually and enjoy shooting it again I’m sure.


Website Purchase Experience

I just recently purchased a Browning Auto-5 from you and just astounded the perfect condition the gun is in, your online photos didn’t do it any justice but knew if the gun looked that good in the pics then in person it would be better and words can’t express how happy I am with the firearm. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future, I have my eyes on a few of your Winchester 94’s. Again thanks for your quality of firearms you sale.


Smith & Wesson 39-2 Restoration

I just want to thank Mr. John Williams and the entire Custom Shop Staff for an excellent job you guys did on the full restoration of my Illinois State Police, Smith and Wesson Model 39-2 Service weapon. I was amazed on the workmanship that went into the restoration process. Thank you again and that’s why I am a 3-peat customer. I always recommend you guys to all of friends at our local gun range. The ‘Wow Factor’ is definitely there. Gracias John.


Sako Forester Restoration

Today I received the Sako 22-250 you built for me. I’m blown away over how great it looks. I bought the blank from your pix on line. It looks about 50% better in person than it did in the pix. Fabulous grain, excellent workmanship on the stock. I don’t think there is a better looking Sako out there. It looks BETTER than the pix you have of it on your website! This is easily the best looking rifle I own. Thank you for a great job!


Colt Python Repair & Restoration

I received my Colt Python today. Let me say Custom Shop, Inc., did an excellent cylinder repair/restoration. It reflects true workmanship performed by your shop. I am extremely pleased with the work done on my nickel python. I highly recommend the custom shop for any firearms needs. It was a pleasure doing business with John Williams and the staff of the Custom Shop. Thanks again.


Website Purchase Experience

I just picked up both 404 and 7×57 rifles. I could not be more pleased with both rifles, I thank you. I will keep an eye on your website for any other guns I would buy in the future. Once again thank you.


Colt Python Repair & Restoration

Picked it up today and it looks GREAT!!!!!!!! Better than I expected, you and your crew do a great job. I am really pleased with the results. Very impressive work, you guys are better than great. THANKS TO THE WHOLE GANG. I will recommend you highly for your craftsmanship.


Colt Python Cylinder Nickel Restoration

Just received the cylinder – marvelous work as usual! Thank you very much!


Walther P38, Colt Ace, and Colt Trooper Restoration

The guns arrived from your restoration and I am so pleased with the work, perfection, and professionalism your company showed during this experience. I will definitely enjoy them for the rest of my life. I thank You very much and look forward to dealing with you again.


Colt Python Restoration

It looks fantastic as I knew it would. It’s gorgeous! I know a few good restoration shops, but you guys are in a class of your own. I will soon be sending you a 2 ½ inch Python & a Detective Spec. that both need to be re-blued, so keep an eye out for them. If your interested send me a couple business cards with my next return & I will put them on my table next to your work. Thanks again, and once again GREAT JOB!!


Colt SAA Engraving & Nickeling Restoration

The work you did on my Colt is excellent! The craftsmanship exceeded my expectation. Thank you for your help in creating a heirloom for my grandchildren.


Colt MK IV Officers Model Restoration

John what can I say my friend I can not thank you and your entire staff on the beautiful restoration work you and your crew have done on all of toys that I have sent in for complete restorations. The workmanship is spot on with Colt specifications and this last restoration was no different. My 1911 Officers Model looked perfect! I ordered some gorgeous Woolly Mammoth ivory grips. I will definitely be returning for another firearm restoration. Gracias & God Bless.


Colt Python Restoration

I received my Python today and I honestly could not contain myself; it’s more beautiful than I imagined. I still have the biggest smile on my face. I can’t believe it’s the same gun. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. I also have been calling everybody I know praising your shop and telling them to send their restoration business to y’all. Thank you so much.


Colt 1911 Government Model Repair & Restoration

I received my restored, 1994 Colt 1911 Govt. Model Mark IV Series 80 380 ACP today, and was absolutely astounded. The quality and craftsmanship of this restoration, in my personal opinion shows while you’re one of the best antique gunsmiths, restoration specialists in the nation. I will be personally utilizing your establishment for any future restoration projects I may require. I will also be an avid referral to any other patrons, who require your absolute professional expertise. I wish to extend my gratitude, and complement you in stating that this platform never looked this absolutely perfect, since I purchase it new in 1994. At this time I can honestly say this is one of the best investments, I’ve made since starting my own firearms business. To add to the high level of standards in restoring this platform, is the additional complementary, authentically documented, and professionally annotated restoration certification by the Custom Shop, to show the quality of your antique restoration process. Thank you very much.


Colt Python Restoration

Picked up the Python today at my regular gun shop where I had it shipped. Thank you, excellent work. It’s not often you see a single gun “shut down” a large gun store. Met with the owner to transfer my restored Colt Python, opened the shipping container, and his first words were “Whoa, look at that Colt Royal Blue bluing” A nearby employee stopped what he was doing, came over to look at the Python. By the time I completed the paperwork, all ten store employees on shift plus every customer in the store was gathered in a semicircle around the counter where the Python lie. Thanks!


I wanted to wait to send you feedback until I had a chance to shoot it. When I picked it up, the FFL had the box sitting unopened in a back room. He brought me behind the counter and let me have at it. He was extremely impressed with the quality of the restoration. He said sometimes the Colt symbol isn’t as visible and sometimes edges that should stay sharp get rounded. He immediately asked me if he could have one of the business cards you included as a reference for his customers so they would know there is a high-end gun restoration facility they could entrust their prized possessions to be serviced. I took the gun to my club and had the revolver enthusiast inspect it. They all gave it a 10 out of 10. Lastly today my wife and I got to shoot it. I took a little time to dial in the sight. A tweak up and to the left and it was perfect. I included a photo of the target which includes the tuning shots. Once I had it dialed in she was extremely accurate and super smooth to shoot. I’m sure the old crew from the Colt Custom Shop who made these revolvers would be proud of the wonderful restoration work your team is doing so that future generations can know what it’s like to hold a legend in their hands.


Colt Python Repair & Nickel Restoration

I received my 1972 Python back today. When I sent it out to you, I honestly took it for granted that I would pay a ton of money and get a decent finish, put the gun away and that would be that. To my pleasure and surprise, not only did you guys keep in touch with me through each stage of the work but helped me decide what I might restore and what I might let go. I decided to restore whatever was needed. Once you explained the process, there was no doubt that given the go ahead you guys would not only restore the gun to Colts specs but I am pretty sure it looks better than when it came out of the shop 47 years ago! I could not be more pleased. This gun was something I have wanted for years and years and was one of those gifts to myself that you just say, “I want it, I work hard and if I don’t do it for myself, I’ll never get it!” So here it is! I am extremely happy and have already given your contact info to 3 people! Thanks for the great work!


Colt Python Restoration

I received the Colt and am more than pleased with the final result. Thank you for the great customer service and the attention to detail.


Colt Diamondback and Colt Python Restoration

Received the two guns you restored for me today, (6″ PYThON )–( 4″ DIAMONDBACK ) they are beyond beautiful. You guys there are the greatest. Amazing work. They are brand new looking, just like the other ones you have done for us. You take pride in your WORK for sure. You will be highly recommended to all my hunting buddies. The only bad part is I will never want to shoot them, Money in the bank. Thanks again. Will be doing more business with you in the future for sure!


Colt Python Restoration

My Python looks and feels outstanding. The gun looks new! Custom Shop was very friendly through the whole restoration process and got my Python back to me very fast. I shot it yesterday and it just puts a smile on my face like nothing else. When I look at it, It’s like having a nice old muscle car in your garage, I just can’t stop staring. I see why Colt sent me to Custom Shop Inc.


Colt Python Repair & Restoration

I just received my restored Colt Python today and I am speechless! Although it is 40 years old, it now looks brand new! The work that you performed on it is beyond superb. I can tell that you all take great pride in your work and are professionals. The craftsmanship of your company excels in every way with incredible attention to every detail. I am extremely happy with the restoration and will definitely recommend Custom Shop, Inc., to everyone. I would also like to mention your excellent customer service, responsiveness and friendliness at each stage of the process. You all deserve the highest recognition all around. What a great team and company. THANK YOU and glad that I found you guys!


Colt Python Nickel Restoration

Picked up my Python Friday. It is awesome. A 40 year old gun that looks like the day it was made, if not better. Great job.


Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless Restoration

he restoration on my 1903 colt is AMAZING! I doubt if it came from the factory new looking as good. I’ve been showing it off to my friends and they can’t believe it’s the same firearm. Letting the two notches on the slide convinced them it was. So again THANK YOU for a wonderful job. I knew if you were being recommended by Colt you were the folks for the job. If ever I can or you need to use me as a reference I’m in.


Colt Python Restoration

I received my Python back yesterday. Amazing work you did, it’s beautiful. Before sending it to you I tossed the thought around of just using it as a carry around piece in a holster, but I am glad I found your shop and had it restored. Thanks again!


Colt SAA Restoration

Received the Colt this morning. I am very impressed. Considering the condition the gun was in, you did a wonderful job in restoring my Colt to factory standards. Beautiful case coloring and bluing. Thanks for the care you took in the restoration work. The extras like the handling gloves, towel, etc is a great touch.


Colt Detective Special Nickel Restoration

I have received my Colt Detective Special and it looks absolutely beautiful. Just like the day I purchased it 43 years ago. I praise the quality work you and your staff have mastered. I will highly recommend you and consider additional work in the future. Thanks.


Colt Python Nickel Restoration

We’ll probably never meet, so don’t take this the wrong way and certainly nothing against Colt, in my uneducated opinion, I know it’s been a very long time since it was new, for some crazy reason, I think this Python looks better than the day it was born!! Again, you may be chatting with the village idiot, but holy freak’n mackerel, I can’t even tell it was redone – it looks factory!! Incidentally, if I forgot to mention, stink’n dang outstanding job!! Thank You.


Colt Python Restoration

I’m very impressed with the work and the very timely fashion!! Below is a posting I placed on LinkedIn and I also contacted the Colt Custom Shop manager Patrick, which I’m connected to!!! Next year, my other one will be coming your way!! Thank You.


Colt Python Bright Stainless to Satin Stainless Restoration

I want to personally thank you for the absolutely tremendous job you and your team did on my Colt Python. It exceeded my expectations and just looks beautiful. My only dilemma now is not wanting to shoot it. I’m sure I’ll manage. I was thoroughly impressed with the assessment and letters you provided. Even the gloves and towel were a special touch. Thanks again. I wouldn’t hesitate to send you any of my firearms in the future.


Colt Python Restoration

Restoration of my 1969 Colt Python was done recently and the results were far more than I hoped for. Custom Shop, Inc., completely got rid of the rust I found on my gun. It was re-blued and they went over all the mechanical specs and the gun came back like it was purchased in 1969 right out of the box. The staff, John, Lou and Theresa, were so helpful and answered all my questions. They kept me informed throughout the whole process. I found Custom Shop thru Colt Firearms and I am glad I took the recommendation. I could not be more pleased with the results. Thank you very much and I will be back with other restorations.


Colt Woodsman Match Target Restoration

Received my Colt Bullseye Match Target. This is my third project with your company and I have not been disappointed with any. Simply amazing work on all projects! Looking forward to our next one. Thanks again!


Colt Trooper MK III Restoration

I would just like to thank everyone at the Custom Shop, Inc., for the beautiful restoration of my Colt MKIV/Series 70. It looks better than the day I purchased it 40 years ago. The professionalism and quality of the work show that everyone at the Custom Shop take pride in the craftsmanship and knowledge they give to their customers. Thanks again!


Colt Trooper MK III Restoration

I would just like to thank everyone at the Custom Shop, Inc., for the beautiful restoration of my Colt MKIV/Series 70. It looks better than the day I purchased it 40 years ago. The professionalism and quality of the work show that everyone at the Custom Shop take pride in the craftsmanship and knowledge they give to their customers. Thanks again!


Colt MK IV Officers Model Restoration

ou guys have restored my Trooper Mark III and I cannot describe how pleased I am. The quality of the finished product is outstanding and for sure it’s far superior to all others. This includes not only the firearm’s exterior, but also the screws and even the final packaging. For certain I would highly recommend you guys to all of my friends and family. I appreciate so much the hard work and dedication you all put into your work and I’m proud to own a firearm that has been through your shop. Thank you all so much for all you’ve done for me.


Website Purchase Experience

I really like the Winchester Model 54 I purchased from Custom Shop, Inc. It arrived in great shape…due to the great packing job your team did. I have an extensive collection of handguns and long guns and I have never seen a better, more professional job in protecting a rifle during shipment. Thanks for your attention to detail!


Colt Python Restoration

Just received my beautifully restored Colt Python from my FFL. I am more than impressed with your shops quality and attention to detail and will definitely be spreading the word about the high caliber of your business. From customer service to the final reception and care of packaging truly speak volumes of your love of the craft. My pistol looks better than new! Wish I could buy you all a drink!


Website Purchase Experience

I received my rifle today. I wanted to let you know that it is exactly as advertised. Very very nice rifle, thanks much!


Colt Government Model MKIV Series 70 Nickel Restoration

You recently performed an extensive finish restoration on my Colt Series 70 bright nickel 1911 and I just received the prized pistol. The gun looks magnificent and your work exceeded all of my expectations. You and your team are to be commended on such fine professionalism, craftsmanship and pride in your work. Your hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction truly sets the bar for all other service-type enterprises to follow. I cannot say enough (great things) about your team. Colt was spot on by referring you to me for this unique work. As testimony, I have now sent you a second project to solidify my satisfaction as only a loyal repeat customer can attest.


Colt Detective Special Restoration

To John, Louie, & the entire team at Custom Shop, Inc. Today, I received back my 1974 Colt Detective Special 3rd Generation. After looking it over, as I told John by phone, “I had to put it down because I was afraid I was going to cry all over it.” Quick backstory. I have already had this revolver restored once by Colt. I bought it as a shooter & had some expendable cash & decided to have it restored. At the time Colt was still doing this so I sent it off to them. When I got it back from Colt I thought it looked amazing to the point I never shot it. Due to clumsiness on my part, I inadvertently scratched the muzzle almost into the crown. I couldn’t stand looking at the scratch anymore. It became necessary to refinish the revolver again. I contacted Colt & they referred me to Custom Shop, Inc. I called & spoke with Louie. I explained the situation & he was confident that a successful repair & restoration could be accomplished. I packed up my revolver & sent it for a vacation at a beauty spa in Montana. I received a phone call letting me know that the package had arrived & they would be in touch with an estimate. The following day I had my estimate. After going over it myself for a general understanding, I called Louie & together we went over the estimate in greater detail. I was happy with what they offered & I gave my OK for the restoration to take place. In short order, I received a call from John that the restoration had been completed. I made my payment arrangements & the gun was on the way home after enjoying its stay at the beauty spa in MT. I became like a kid waiting for Xmas morning. However instead of NORAD tracking Santa, I was tracking UPS. The wait seemed endless. When the package arrived it was with a great deal of anticipation that I began opening the shipping box & packing materials. The gun is shipped in a plastic bag to protect it. Upon arrive you need to open the bag & let it breath for a bit to make sure there is no condensation. Looking thru the bag I was awestruck. After sufficient time I removed the revolver from the plastic bag. As part of your Thank You for your business gift pack, you will receive cotton gloves and a microfiber cloth. The only way I can correctly describe what I saw is the finish looked wet. I had always heard about Colt’s Royal Blue finish. I have a Python but it’s stainless. When I got the gun back from Colt when they restored it I thought it couldn’t be beat. Man oh man was I wrong. I could clearly see how much more superior Custom Shop, Inc.’s restoration work was over Colt itself. The first thing I looked at was the muzzle for the scratch. What scratch? Don’t know what you are talking about. No scratch here. The entire gun is a top notch job from start to finish. Now I can say that I know what Colt’s Royal Blue finish looks like. As I told John, “If the side plate was bigger I could shave in it.” Also included is a COA certifying that your firearm was restored to Colt’s Standards. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with the entire team at Custom Shop, Inc. Excellent Customer Service. Their gunsmiths are second to none. The turnaround time is fantastic! Just an outstanding experience start to finish. Look no further than Custom Shop, Inc., for any type of firearm restoration or repair.


Browning Medallion Restoration

I received the Browning BelgiIum .264 the other day. It is beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful work and attention to detail. The gun has been in my family since the early 70’s…. I remember my dad using that gun since I was a kid. The shipping and packing was top notch and it is evident you take great pride in your work. I can’t wait to use it this year and it will be in our family now for the duration. Thanks again for the excellent work, clear communication and attention to detail.


Browning Medallion Restoration

I received the Browning BelgiIum .264 the other day. It is beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful work and attention to detail. The gun has been in my family since the early 70’s…. I remember my dad using that gun since I was a kid. The shipping and packing was top notch and it is evident you take great pride in your work. I can’t wait to use it this year and it will be in our family now for the duration. Thanks again for the excellent work, clear communication and attention to detail.


Sako Vixen Rifle Restoration

I really have a difficult time putting into words the satisfaction I received when I opened the box containing my restored Sako Mod. Vixen L-461. But I am going to try anyway. I bought this gun about 6 years ago and it was in good condition when I bought it. But it definitely was in need of some custom work and one particular detail of the gun was its wood stock, which was made of a nice raw piece of Bastogne Walnut. So, my search for a local gunsmiths company to turn the rifle in for restoration and finish started immediately. I thought I found the right company in Ruskin, FL., but it ended up taking them several months to finally ruin the beautiful piece of wood this rifle had. So, I started another search for a new wood stock. This time I decided to look for the original wood stock from the factory if that was going to be at all possible. It was almost another episode of Mission Impossible; until I found the place: Custom Shop, Inc., in Hamilton, Montana. When I first opened the page containing the image of the stock, my first thought was as if I have finally had all Rifle Gods on my side. I was contemplating a beautiful and possibly the original Wood Stock for my rifle. I could not believe it took me more than 6 years to finally find it. All pictures of the stock were crispy clear, and I could even see colorful details that only made me appreciate the natural and authentic beauty of this piece of tree. My heart started beating fast when I started thinking that it might just be an on-site error of the Shop and that the stock would not be available. But no, it was pretty much my error to even think that way. It was available and without taking another breath of air, I peeled the plastic and minutes after I received a UPS Notification alerting me of the shipment. About 10 or 15 minutes after the notification, I thought it would be a good idea to send the action to Montana and have it restored to its original beauty. In other words, fitting the new stock, bluing the metal, installing missing iron sight, polishing the bolt, engraving the floorplate and trigger guard, and a few other items. But first, I thought it would be a good idea to call the shop to explain to them what I wanted to have done on this gun. Louie Tuminaro picked up the call and without hesitation, answered all my questions and concerns regarding this project. In particular, about a very small detail (little chip) on the foreend of the stock. Then Louie promised to restore the gun to 100% of total and complete satisfaction. Naturally, I was still remembering my last experience with the Ruskin Gunsmith Clowns that ruined the stock and that made me skeptical. Man was I ever wrong, as I found out later. I can’t begin to tell you all how satisfied I am about how my gun turned out. Truly an exceptional piece. And the cherry of the cake: Customer Service and Packaging. One of my primary concerns with this project was the length of time of the restoration work and the subsequent shipping back of the gun to my home state; considering that I already had a bad experience with bad packaging from a Gun Manufacturer, along with poor handling by UPS personnel. Custom Shop, Inc., made sure my gun was securely packaged and shipped. I received it without issues and noticed a large note on the box: “To Be Open by Owner Only”. The rifle was wrapped in airtight sealed hard plastic inside yet another rifle cloth/felt material sleeve, and placed inside a hard gun case to finally end up in a cardboard box. I don’t want to describe the artistic work done with the tape on the box, because you may think I am exaggerating. If you have a gun in need of some work, DO NOT waste your time or even consider another place other than Custom Shop, Inc., to have your work done. If you ask me, the Craftsmanship performed in my gun speaks for itself. The wood, the metal work and the Customer Service of Custom Shop, Inc., is proof that there are still exceptional gunsmiths out there doing their finest work. Louie and his team are one of them. My gratitude to all team members of Custom Shop, Inc., especially to Louie, John and Theresa, who were able to pull through the horrific health crisis brought to all of us by the COVID-19 virus and yet, they managed to fulfill the commitments made with their customers. Thank you all!!!


Colt Python Repair & Restoration

I just wanted to say that the work on my Python exceeded my expectations. Absolutely perfect – impressive attention to detail – and surprisingly fast. Thank You!


Website Purchase Experience

I picked up my Python from my FFL yesterday afternoon and overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for a smooth transaction and a nice addition to my collection!


Colt Government Model MKIV and Colt SAA Nickel Restoration

Just wanted to let you know the guns are beautiful. You guys did a great job on them. I’ve got display cases for them and they are stunning. My wife isn’t really in to guns, but even she said, “Wow, those are beautiful”. Tell Lou thanks for suggesting doing the hammer and trigger on the 1911 a brushed finish. Really set it off. A very satisfied customer!


Rifle Bolt Jeweling

Received the bolt today and it is FANTASTIC. I may not put it into the long gun…..considering framing it. Nah…it will go into the rifle. The bolt is just incredible. Thanks so much.


Colt Python Restoration

Are you sure you worked on the gun?! I think you guys gave me a brand new gun and switched serial numbers! “Just kidding“. That’s what my Python looks like; the finish on this gun amazing. Attention to detail is phenomenal and customer service is top notch! I want to thank each and every person who worked on this gun or helped me with answering questions. Custom Shop, Inc. – you ROCK!


Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer Restoration

Well HIGH FIVE on the work! I’m completely impressed on how it looks and the work. When I decided to have it done I called Colt and they told me they don’t work on those that old anymore. But was told they handed all that work and everything about the older firearms to you guys. I really didn’t hesitate about it and started getting things going right then. The trust was already there because Colt sent me. After you guys had received it that’s when I finally went and checked all the before and after pics and read all the testimonies about all the work, that’s when I knew it was really in good hands. This was my conceal carry of choice but now as I’m writing this I’m like how am I going to do this? I know I’ll be holding off on that for a while. This thing is beautiful!! I will be coming back because I have a few more I want done to. The word will be going out about you guys and y’all’s work and the awesome women I’ve had the pleasure in working with also. Very nice work buddies! Thank you for making this a memorable experience. Beautiful Colt!


Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless Restoration

I want to thank the entire team at Custom Shop for the magnificent restoration of my Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless pistol. Holding that pistol after the restoration, I truly get the feeling that my grandfather must have had the day he bought that gun. I was concerned about losing the detail of the factory engraved lettering on the slide during the restoration process, but the results left all the engraving clear and looking like new. Great Job! That little pistol is a great example of functional design and very credible manufacturing skills, especially for the early 1900’s, and Custom Shop’s professional restoration skills preserved all of that simple elegance for many more years to come. Thank You!


Colt 2020 Python Bright Stainless Restoration

I just completed the transfer paperwork and first “viewing” of my new 2020 Python. What a beautiful gun. Excellent work on polishing–glad Colt brought it back and Custom Shop, Inc., added the finishing touch. My FFL was just as excited to open the box as I was. Thanks again!


Colt 1903 Vest Pocket Hammerless Restoration

I could not be more pleased with the restoration of the Colt 1903 Vest Pocket Pistol. The attention to detail is overwhelming. I did not expect the additional micro towel and I appreciate your returning the original grips. My grandson who will inherit the Colt, was with me when we opened the contents of the packaging. I did not remove the gun from its plastic pouch at the gun shop, but waited until I got home. The gun is now safely stored in my gun safe. Thanks again for the great restoration.


Smith & Wesson 66-8 Restoration

The polishing of my revolver was exactly what I was expecting. What impressed me the most about Custom Shop, Inc., was their communication and turn around time on the project.


Smith & Wesson 66-8 Restoration

The polishing of my revolver was exactly what I was expecting. What impressed me the most about Custom Shop, Inc., was their communication and turn around time on the project.


Colt Viper Restoration

I bought a Colt Viper from a well known firearm auction house, (I would never buy anything from them in the future, name not to be mentioned); the pictures were not good. When I received the Viper, I was not happy with the condition. I did some research and found that Custom Shop, Inc., was the place to send vintage Colts to have them restored. I sent the Viper for evaluation and in a timely fashion I received an estimate to have the gun restored. I approved the estimate and gave the approval to do the work. The time frame to restore the Viper was about 6 months…. Just short of 6 months I got a call that the gun was ready. I paid the invoice, same as the estimate, and the gun was sent to me. I received the gun and was absolutely amazed at the results. The Viper looked like a fine piece of jewelry. Perfect is an understatement! I am extremely happy with the results and HIGHLY recommend Custom Shop, Inc., for Restoration work. I have other vintage Colts and Smith & Wesson revolvers I will be sending to them for restoration. I would be happy to serve as a reference.


Colt Python Repair & Nickel Restoration

What a GORGEOUS piece of workmanship! My gunsmith/FFL and I opened the box and even he was impressed. The Python is (almost) too beautiful to shoot, but I don’t buy firearms to sit in a display case. While this won’t be a daily shooter, I do plan on taking it to the range occasionally and enjoying what it was designed to do. Many thanks to you all and if I need help again, I know where to go.


Colt Python Repair & Nickel Restoration

My Colt Python is 42 years old, and it would be difficult to describe the abuse it has suffered at the range, competitions, concealed carry and multiple hunting adventures in Alaska, Tennessee, Texas and other locales. Colt recommended Custom Shop, Inc., to return it to its original glory, and despite my suspicion that no one would be able to fully restore the poorly customized front sight, the trigger that I foolishly damaged with a trigger shoe, or the scratched, worn and pitted nickel plating, I have to admit that Custom Shop, Inc., not only did not disappoint, but exceeded my most optimistic expectations. My Python did not look or function this well when I took it out of its original box decades ago, and I only wish I had found Custom Shop, Inc., sooner. Thank you to Louie Tuminaro, John Williams and all the Master Restorers who worked on my pistol. Your care, craftsmanship and attention to detail warrant the highest recommendation to anyone who cares deeply about their firearms.


Browning Medallion Rifle Restoration

Everyone – I would like to say what a fantastic and professional job that you did to my Browning Belgium Medallion. Looks just like new from FN in Belgium. Thanks again!


Colt Python Repair & Restoration

I received the Python today and it is beautiful. You and your shop did a fantastic repairing it and putting it back to factory original. I hate to say it, but it will become a “safe queen” now because it is a show piece. The next repair job will be a S&W Model 19 CHP Commemorative. It was also damaged in the same water leak. Thank you for making the Python whole again!


Colt Python Restoration

Received my restored 8 inch barrel Colt Python back from Custom Shop, Inc., yesterday. After thoroughly going over the blue Python, I’m extremely impressed. My Python is like factory new (Maybe better than factory new). The blueing is absolutely gorgeous and all markings are very crisp and true. Custom Shop exceeded my expectations and I’m very proud of my new family heirloom and display it proudly. I feel like I have added value to my Python. Custom Shop, Inc., is the place to go for true and factory correct restorative services; they even give you a certificate of restoration that notes it is a Colt Factory correct restoration. Very big thanks for an outstanding job by the Custom Shop. I sent in the gun myself and it was returned directly to me; the shipping was easy and painless. Once again thank you Custom Shop, you guys are very professional, courteous and take pride in getting the job done correctly. I can see why Colt recommends your shop for restorative services. Also note, only two week turn around for my Python. I will be sending more restorative work to Custom Shop, Inc., in the future.


Colt Python Restoration

Received my 2nd restored-reblued Colt Python (2 1/2 Barrel) back today and once again Custom Shop, Inc., did an outstanding job. Just like my last Python, this restoration also exceeded my expectations. The bluing is absolutely gorgeous and all the roll marks look like factory new. They pay attention to detail and give a Colt Factory like restore. Once again I believe I have added value to my Python. I can see why Colt recommends your shop for restorations. Thanks to all the Custom Shop, Inc., crew, you are all masters of your trade. I will be sending a 6 inch python your way, probably next year.


Smith & Wesson 629 Restoration

ust received my S&W 629 back from your shop. Thank You so much for the fine quality polish work you did on my 629. It looks SUPER! Couldn’t be happier with your work and the outcome on my revolver. This is the 2nd time I’ve used Custom Shop, Inc., for work on my guns and it certainly won’t be the last. You’ve made my day, year, and Christmas come true. Many Thanks!


Colt Woodsman Match Target Restoration

Thank you for the outstanding restoration of my Colt Woodsman – it’s a magnificent work of art. The Colt is now the centerpiece of my gun collection!


Retail Sales Customer Service

Your service is unparalleled in this industry. Thank you for the service and the sale of a Colt Python which was in perfect condition, just as you described. I hope to do further business with you folks. Keep up the excellent work.

A. J..

Colt Python Restoration

I received my Colt Python that you had repaired the side plate and refinished in the Colt Royal Blue finish. You did a great job in the side plate repairs and looks brand new. The polishing and bluing is better than the original Colt Royal bluing. It’s like looking at a mirror when I look at it. The roll marks on the barrel and rampant Colt on the side plate still look great just like when it was a new Python. You certainly know how to repair and restore a Colt Python. Thank You!


Retail Sales Customer Service

Just picked up the Auto 5 today and I just wanted to express how happy I am. The shotgun is beautiful and in excellent condition. The guys at the gun shop were amazed at how nice it is. Thank you for the ease of the purchase. I was also surprised and delighted with the addition of the cases you included. Thank you!


Colt Python Restoration

I’m very pleased with the amazing restoration. All of you guys are craftsmen, is the only way to put it. Thanks for the awesome job!


Colt Python Restoration

I received my python and it is absolutely beautiful. The documents were a surprise and a really good surprise. I don’t remember what the python looked like when I bought it in 1972, but now it is absolutely marvelous! I took a picture of the python so now I have before and after pictures. What a difference. I am so glad there are still places in America that have a pride of craftsmanship and Custom Shop, Inc., is one of those places for sure. Thank you for all your hard work, the python is an absolute masterpiece!


Colt DA 41 Restoration

Today I received the Colt New Army/Navy DA 41 that was repaired and restored by Custom Shop, Inc. The restoration work performed on this revolver, which is more than 120 years old, is amazing. The gun appears to be to be factory new. The attention to detail is remarkable. The Rampant Colt logo on the frame and other markings are clear and crisp; indeed, they appear better than on some “like new” Colt firearms I have collected over the years. The “before and after” images of this firearm on your website do not do justice to the quality of restoration work performed by the Custom Shop. Please extend my thanks to the Custom Shop team. You turned an old gun, with little value, into a museum piece.


Colt Officers ACP Restoration

I received my Colt Officer’s ACP 150 year colt/pachmayr grips and just wanted you to know I’m thrilled with them. What are the odds of purchasing a NIB 1986 Colt Officer’s ACP and finding the factory Colt/Pachmayr gold medallion 150 year anniversary grips to go with them? Apparently the odds are good if you go to the Custom Shop! Thanks so much, great find for me and couldn’t be happier, maybe you sensed that. I’m really pleased, so thank you…..I’ll be spreading the word and returning myself for more goodness.


One of the biggest things I like the most is the fact three generations are on your show…Pop’s, Lou and Little Louie. Watching your show brings back a lot of memories for me. As a young boy growing up, I admired my Father, still do, with how he was able to teach me to be responsible, take pride in your work and to do the job right…perfection is everything.
When I was old enough, my Father took me shooting for the first time, I still remember it. We have and still do share a bond with firearms, shooting pistols and rifles and enjoying our time together at a range…see who can get the best shots on target. I see the bond Little Louie has with his Father and I understand it very well.

I also see the bond Little Louie has with his Grandpa like I had. My Grandfather wasn’t into firearms, but loved baseball and loved to go to my little league games and watch me play. He even once umpired a game since we were short an umpire. Needless to say, he loved every minute out there on the field. He loved woodworking and when I’d stay with my Grandparents for a long weekend or spring break, we would go to work in his wood-shop and build something. Time with a Grandfather is priceless and have lasting memories.

Lou and Pop’s are a lot alike my Father and myself. My Father is relaxed and I have a bit more business sense, wanting to do the job right. If I see how he’s doing something that’s not how I would do it, well…perfection gets in the way. I see how much Pop’s is loved and thought of on the show, making a Birthday special and wanting to make it right for him. I like to do the same for my Father. He’s not only my Father, he’s also my best friend in life. My Pop’s is special to me as well.

A while back, I was saddened to read about the passing of Pop’s, Smoking Joe…a Father and a Grandfather to a family. While I didn’t get to meet him personally, I have a pretty good feeling he was the kind of Father or Grandfather one could ask for.

I’m truly sorry for your family’s loss. Remember the good times you shared with him. The funny or special moments that put a smile on his face. The times everyone laughed or that special celebration you shared with him. My Father is now 82 and I have a close bond with him and want to make moments special with him while he’s still here.

Condolences to your family and all. Take care and stay strong.


Colt Python Elite And S&W 66 Restoration

Sent the Custom Shop, Inc a Colt Python Elite and Smith & Wesson Model 66 to restore and refinish. Merriam Webster’s fine book does not contain sufficient superlatives to describe the expert craftsmanship, attention to detail and superior customer service provided by the gunsmiths at the Custom Shop. Incredible does not begin to describe the quality of their work. My two firearms now are vastly superior to the day Colt and Smith & Wesson built them. As hesitant as I am to use the term “Gun Jewelry,” this description begins to approximate the two pistols that were returned to me. There are no better gunsmiths or firearms restoration craftsman than those at the Custom Shop.


Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer TLC

I was fortunate enough to come into possession a Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer. It was in decent condition but needed a little TLC. I contacted Colt and they referred me to Custom Shop Inc., which I was familiar with as I have watched the show. I spoke with them on the phone to start the process. They were professional and informative. When it was ready they asked if they could hang on to it another week to do some photos for the web page. I said sure! When I looked at those pictures I was AMAZED, but those photos did NOT do it justice. It is BEAUTIFUL! They did a fantastic job! I will be contacting Colt to let them know A+++++ work! I cannot thank them enough! This may have been my first dealings with them but NOT my last!! I have to add – it was SO nice to get a personal call from Lou Tuminaro! Not only because I am a fan, but because it’s GREAT Customer Service!!! Thank you again!


Please tell Louie I said Thanks, what a Beautiful job. Please Thank your Team of Artists! Obviously I made the right choice by sending the Colt back to it’s maker. Simply Beautiful! Thanks!


Browning Safari 1962

Thank you so much for the response. I am happy to hear as I will now have everything I need to put this beautiful rifle back the way it was in 1962. Also the year I was brought into this world. You really know your stuff when it comes to these guns! By the way, I have watched your show in the past and really enjoyed it! Great guns, good information, interesting and down to earth people. Thank you again and have a great weekend!


Colt 2020 Python Everything I Wished For

Louie, I want to let you know that the work done on my 2020 Python was everything I had wished for . I bought a new a nickle 6″ Python in 1976 and had a few pictures of it laying around. Like a fool I sold the gun and had regretted it many times over. When Colt reissued the Python I knew I had to have one. In our area they were hard to come by. I finally found one and made the purchase. It should be noted that 3 weeks before getting the 2020 python I bought a 4″ nickle Python manufactured in 1976. I bought a new set of grips from you and it now looks very close to perfect, as it did when new from the factory. The new Python is a 6″ stainless. Very nice however when compared to my original nickle it was lacking. I talked with the Colt factory about having the gun polished and was told they don’t do such work. They did mention your operation in Hamilton, Montana and suggested I contact you folks. I looked up CSI on the internet and saw the work you do as shown on your restoration gallery. That was exactly what I was looking for. Louie I couldn’t be happier with the polishing work you did and when we put the new wood grips on the gun it was all the better. I want to again thank you and your entire staff for the excellent work you have done for me. Everyone I had contact with was very helpful. I’m planning a road trip in the very near future and have been thinking driving up to Hamilton to visit your shop. Regards.


Python Rebirth!

Absolutely…positively…flawless. I have no other way to describe what I found when I opened the package just now. It was in pretty good shape (so I thought) before I sent it to you. Just a few noticeable flaws. However, a Python deserves to be pampered. It’s an iconic piece of art. It is now a perfect example of the greatest revolver ever made. You have far surpassed my wildest expectations. I had no idea my Python could look so good! Customer service with every interaction was superb, including a phone call from Louie himself to be sure the restoration was completely accurate. In a time where customer service and pride in craftsmanship are nearly forgotten, Custom Shop is obviously hard at work raising the bar. Thanks to everyone on your team. I’m a true believer!



Just wanted to take a minute tell you all that the Anaconda is BEAUTIFUL! I mean, wow!, I did not expect it to look so good. Many thanks to all for the finished project. Another Colt lives to shoot again! Thank you soooooo much.


Team Of Artists

This was a Father and Daughter project and my Daughter Colleen is simply Elated! Thank you so much for such a Beautiful job. Please Thank your Team of Artists! Obviously I made the right choice by sending the Colt back to it’s maker. Simply Beautiful! I truly believe that Custom Shops Incorporated is second to none! If I had to describe Custom Shops Incorporated with one word, that word would be “Impeccable” Your The Best in the Business!

Ed and Colleen

Had to write, I live in Finland

I had to write to You. I live in Finland. I saw yesterday your tv show for the first time. I guess it is pretty new in the Finnish payment channel. I liked it a lot. I’m hunter myself also. I noticed that you sell old Sako rifles. I live in Helsinki about 45 miles from Riihimäki Sako factory. I have owned/still own myself also few sako rifles, Finnbear LR61 30-06 and Sako L461 .222 I have sold. I still have L579 .243 and P72 .22. But the funniest thing is that I found my American relatives a few months ago by Family Search. Their grandgrandgrandparents are originally from Finland. And they are living only 27 minutes away from you, in Stevensville Montana. We are planning to come to visit them after Covid has gone. I have to come to see your interesting Shop then.


Beyond my expectations

Received my order on the above item today. Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the item and the quick service. I will highly recommend your business to others. I can’t say enough as to how beautiful the rifle is; beyond my exceptions. Thank you for a job well done.


The gun is a work of art

I am completely amazed at the condition of the gun I got back from The Custom Shop. There’s always a leap of faith involved when a company says their work is fantastic and what I think is fantastic work. What your company did was beyond fantastic. Thank you so much for everyone’s efforts on my behalf. The gun is a work of art again that I will be proud to own for many years. I can’t thank you enough for what you did.


Impressed with the shipping

I recently ordered a set of Pachmayr grips for my new Colt Python. I received them today and was impressed with the way they were shipped. You took the time and expense to place them in a bubble rap envelope before you put them in the box. Most companies would just placed the grips in their factory packaging right in the box and shipped it.


I couldn’t be happier

Just got my 1967 blued Python back, wow what an amazing work of art!! I sent Custom Shop Inc a 1967 Python that was in good condition mechanically but had been carried a lot. It had lots of holster ware and the checkering on the grips was almost worn smooth. When I took the Python out of the packaging today it looked like it must have in 1967 when its first owner received it. Working with the Custom Shop Inc team has been a great experience, I couldn’t be happier.


10 Stars

Thank you so much! 10 stars! I rate your business amazing greatly appreciated your kindness. Tell Louie I say hello. I’m so happy Thank You!


Better than new

Received my Colt Diamondback revolver back from Custom Shop today and it looks absolutely beautiful! Once again the Custom Shop crew made my Diamondback look like new (probably better than new). The attention to detail and workmanship performed by the Custom Shop crew is evident throughout the restoration. This is the 3rd Colt I’ve sent to them and all of the restorations have exceeded my expectations. Custom Shop is my go to shop for restorations. Thanks again to you all for a great job.


Delta Elite

I received the polished Delta Elite yesterday. The work done is absolutely first class and I could not be happier. From start to finish, the process was handled in a professional manner. The finished product sealed in the bag and the packet of buffing cloths and handling gloves is the cherry on top. I would highly recommend Custom Shop, Inc to anyone wanting first class quality and service. We will be doing business again in the future.”


I have watched several episodes of the “Gunfather”. Really enjoy the program and the fantastic shop that has obviously had a lot of thought and money put into it. If you watch the program, you would learn that Louie has a very specialized shop, hence, custom. Last January 2018, I met Louie at the Shotshow! I told Louie I wanted to stop by his shop on a roadtrip I am planning. Louie made sure to tell me to call him first so he can be sure to be there. People who drop by 4-5 times to “shop” are slow-learners. Louie does care, that is why he and his family have the custom gun shop and want appointments; it’s not a traditional gun store manned from 9-5 for people just to browse the inventory at their leisure, seriously, learn!


Can’t say enough good things

I received yesterday my 2.5 inch Python that started out in life as a 4 inch. All I can say is Outstanding. The care in packaging and attention to detail says a lot. Finding an issue with the double action and correcting it gives me a high confidence level. Knowing I am getting factory work performed that I can bet my life on. Beyond my expectations. When I saw it in the box with the new service grips it reminded me of the one I had 30 years ago. I called Colt this morning and told them you are an extension of them and the Colt name. Outstanding Service. But it all started with having the right person on the phone when I called. Can’t say enough good things about Devin. He is the first contact and the face of your company. I believe you made a great choice. Explaining the process, and if sent overnight where I would be in line, estimated finish time ect. And what I could expect. as well as other services you perform. He is a real asset to your group. This is where Colt has missed the mark. Months ago they pretty much blew me off , indicating we only work on new firearms. No recommendations, nothing. I had to search you out on the internet and glad I found The Custom Shop. I will be sending you more of my Colts in the future. Combat Commander next.


Thank you for a wonderful job!

Devin and all the professional Craftsman that worked on my Python, Thank you for a wonderful job! When Colt recommended Custom Shop Inc. for just rebluing a revolver but I thought to completely restore my Python. It was expensive but the results far exceed the cost once it has been paid. The money is gone but the beautiful piece of craftsmanship and art is sitting in my safe and each time I take it out a feeling of pride and satisfaction make it all worth it. Thank you Custom Shop Inc.


Excellent workmanship and customer service

I just wanted to thank Devin and all the Gun Smiths at Custom Shop, Inc. for the excellent workmanship and customer service afforded me for the repair of my Colt Python. They were Patient and explained what they felt was the best solution to my problems with my firearm and asked for my approval for each step in my repair. When I received my Python back from them, I was amazed at finding a gun that appeared to look like the Python I received from my friend 37 years ago. I just want to thank everyone involved at The Custom Shop for the excellent repair/restoration of my firearm and to those reading this testimonial, you couldn’t find a better Gun Shop for any service.


Bluing is deeep, dark and lustrous

I received the Python your shop restored for me this afternoon and I am completely blown away with the result! It had a few scratches on it and they are gone, Completely. The finish is smooth, clear and even, all the markings are sharp, the bluing is deeeep, dark and lustrous… It’s beautiful. Your craftsman have exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the communication and the documentation that was provided is a nice touch that will be preserved. I intended to shoot it, but not sure I can bring myself to rotate the cylinder now!



THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! MY PISTOL LOOKS AMAZING! You are the best, thank you for working with me on payments.


Great Work!

My Python Arrived today and I am at a loss for words!! I am charging $20 for anyone to look at, and $50 to hold it with gloves on of course! Tell you staff and workers I am very pleased with the results. Great Work!


You will regret not going with Custom Shop Inc

The work done on my Huntsman is beyond words. I’ll admit, the work was expensive for me personally, but this is one of the rare instances where you get what you pay for and MORE. This huntsman was my grandfathers, and when he passed, and given to me. It was a little rough, some pitting, finish wear, and some deep gouges and scratches. I wanted to invest in it now before it got any worse to preserve it the best I can for my son and his children. Now, the pistol literally looks brand new, like I had stepped back in time to 1957 and bought it at a local gun shop. This will most certainly be an heirloom in my family for many many years to come. The only thing I have to do now is go to the range and shoot it again. Thanks again to the Custom Shop team for their fantastic customer service experience, transparency, and workmanship. If you have any thoughts on going elsewhere to have your firearm worked on, DON’T. You will regret not going with Custom Shop Inc.


I can say, if it’s good enough for Wiley Clapp, it’s good enough for me

I had wanted a 3″ Colt Python for a long time. I finally found one that was in my price range, however the seller wasn’t completely forthcoming with the details of the gun. The 3″ barrel had been installed on a worn out 1979 Python. The original issue was with a 4″ barrel. So, I put a 4″ barrel on it and sold it for a fair price. I kept the 3″ barrel hoping someday to put it on my very first Python, made in 1982. So, it wouldn’t letter, but would be period correct. I even had time to buy the correct service grips for it. The problem was nobody could install the barrel correctly. I finally talked to an old time Python gunsmith, Brad Batka, who told me what to do. He said contact Colt’s customer service because even though they don’t say so, they do still work on revolvers. The customer service guy at Colt said they only work on revolvers 10 years old or newer. He said contact Custom Shop, Inc. because they are the authorized Colt repair station. So, that’s what I did. I sent a contact email to them and Devin responded and we started communicating. He would call to get pertinent info concerning my wants and eventually I ended up with the same Colt Python 3″ as Wiley Clapp had done through the Custom Shop. You can find his story online. I can say, if it’s good enough for Wiley Clapp, it’s good enough for me. Everything about Custom Shop, Inc. was professional, done right, and shipped in great packing when the pistol was ready. The price is what it is… Sometimes, quality costs a little more than the average Joe Schmoe, like me, wants to pay. But, in the end, it was worth every penny spent. I now have my ‘Wiley Clapp’ special 3″ Colt Python. It is a thing of beauty. I highly recommend contacting the Custom Shop, Inc. for your gunsmithing/restoration needs. They won’t let you down.


You must have a time machine

I just wanted to let you know I received my 1911 back the other day. I figured out how you did this. You have a time machine, went back 40 years, and got a new one! It looks great! I think I will retire it and get another 45, it looks to good to use. Thanks to all for your skill and craftsmanship.


I will be singing praises of The Custom Shop

Just wanted to let you know, was finally able to get out the Trooper and give it a good range test, very happy! Very much appreciate the work, and it functioned perfectly, no hiccups. We ran 200 rounds through it, and it worked great. I have my Trooper back in reliable working order, and am very pleased. If you would please let Louie and the other gunsmith know I do appreciate the fast work, as well as repair, I will be singing the praises of the Custom Shop on this! Thank you again, the speed of the repair work, and quality of repair is appreciated.


It looks like it should be in a glass case with spotlights on it

I just got to check out my Python. It’s absolutely beautiful, for a guy like me who’s always full of it , I was speechless. All I could say was wow, how did they do it? I’ve never seen such a beautiful gun, how did you guys do it? I shipped you a pretty rough looking gun, with a lot of history behind it. The gun I got back was beyond any expectations I could possibly imagine. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. I just kept saying wow, how did they do it! It’s beyond belief, the quality of workmanship is incredible, better than I’ve ever seen. It looks like it should be in a glass case with spot lights on it.


Thank you so much for all of your help with my Colt 357. It looks Beautiful and I am grateful for all the time you spent bringing her back to her former glory. In the end I agree about the grips. Thanks again and happy holidays,


The work is impeccable

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you guys did on my old Colt revolvers, they are beautiful and the work is impeccable. The work is Exactly as it was represented to be. What a pleasure to work with a business that does what it says it will do. I am glad to have found The Custom Shop.


Recently, I purchased a 1980 Colt Python Hunter with original Halliburton aluminum case and accessories. The seller had obtained the Hunter set from a widow’s estate and unfortunately, the deteriorating foam inserts had over the years chemically marred the Python’s Royal Blue once pristine finish with extensive pitting and corrosion throughout. Basically, what once was an amazingly stunning firearm, had faded to a pitiful, hideous hag, who I wanted to restore her to her original Colt glory. After researching options, I choose the Custom Shop to perform a comprehensive restoration-refinishing job for the Hunter set. It was not a low-cost endeavor, but overall, I am extremely pleased with the results by Lou and his team. Their Royal Blue Hot refinish is outstanding with mirror-like surfaces, sharp edges and precise and crisp lines for the Rampart pony and text. They did amazing work restoring the scruffy, dinged-up case and replacing its foam inserts. The gun’s mechanicals also was inspected and serviced to a high standard, and they even refurbished the Python Hunter accessories, so the entire set is now in like-new condition. Is my Colt Python Hunter kit now as fine as it was in 1980 or better? That is a matter of opinion and friendly debate; however, from my perspective, the Custom’s Shop attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality of service was well worth the cost. I will be a repeat customer.


That’s superior customer service

I recently commissioned a Master Engraver to engrave my Colt Python. The “Master” designation has been conferred upon him by both Colt Firearms and the Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA). Because of the obvious demands on his time, it was necessary for me to arrange to have the metal prepped in advance of the engraving and then re-blued and re-assembled afterwards. I contacted Colt’s Manufacturing Company to inquire if they still offered their iconic Colt Royal Blue finish. Upon being informed that they no longer finish “Legacy” revolvers (my Python’s DOM is 1981) I asked for a recommendation. Without hesitation they recommended Custom Shop, Inc.

When I contacted Custom Shop, Inc., I was immediately impressed with John. Once I explained the project (which involved various third-parties including the engraver and the custom grip maker), John helped map-out a flow chart and timeline. Their normal process to achieve the Royal Blue finish requires a 2500-grit mirror polish, but, after checking with their lead gunsmith, John agreed to accommodate the engraver’s request for a 600-grit polish. This is an example of the “customization” that one can expect from this shop and that their very name implies.

John retired fairly early in the project and Devin became my primary contact. The transition was seamless and Devin proved to be an invaluable asset. He promptly returned phone calls and responded to emails. He was thoroughly professional and guided the project through to completion. It was a pleasure working with him.

Louie Jr. was also great to work with. He answered when I called to let them know there was some information posted incorrectly on their gallery website. He responded that he would take care of it right away. I hung-up, navigated back to their website and found that it had already been corrected.

Louie Tuminaro isn’t your typical gun-shop owner. I was surprised by the number of times he personally answered the phone and the amount of time he spent with me. Never once did I detect a sense that he was pressed for time. It’s an easy thing to notice when someone is genuinely interested in your project. Louie was clearly engaged. Additionally, Louie is actually the one who applies the finishing touches before anything goes out the door. One evening I received a call from him – after hours – asking how I wanted the finish to appear on the inside of a latch that is hardly visible. He explained that the barely visible part is silver from the factory, but, based on our earlier conversation, he wanted to check to see if I wanted to introduce a new color into my royal blue and gold color scheme. That’s attention to detail. That’s superior customer service.

Remarkably, Custom Shop, Inc. has a professional in-house photography studio. I would like to thank their photographer, Derek, for sending me some extraordinarily high-quality images of my Python.

I received my Python a few days ago and it is simply magnificent! The attention to detail and the time and care that was poured into this revolver is wonderfully evident. The deep Royal Blue finish applied by Custom Shop, Inc. actually highlights the beautiful engraving, especially the gold inlay. I would like to thank lead gunsmith Joe and gunsmith Liz for the outstanding job they did on my Python. It will be a family heirloom and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Thank you to the entire team at Custom Shop, Inc. for your impeccable craftmanship and your excellent customer service. You can count on future work and referrals.


I would like to take this opportunity to give praise to the Custom Shop gun store in Hamilton, Montana. I purchased 2 Colts from them 2 weeks ago and was very impressed with the overall experience of my purchase. This store is a “one of a kind” gun store that reeks of first-class quality in everything that they sell. Not only the store itself, but Devin handled the sale and his expertise and his exceptional professional knowledge was a welcome relief from other gun stores. I always check the Custom Shop website first if I am in the market for a firearm purchase. I will definitely be purchasing more firearms in the future from this special gun store. Thank you for a very pleasurable experience.”


It’s absolutely perfect!

I just wanted to fire off a quick thank you. The whole experience with Custom Shop could not have been more pleasant. When my father’s Diamondback returned I was stunned by the flawless attention to detail; the packaging, the white gloves and microfiber cloth, etc.  Dad carried this gun for years as a working cop, and it showed. I have no regrets having you restore it as a fitting tribute to him. It’s absolutely perfect!


I Won’t Hesitate To Recommend Your Shop To Anyone!

I received my Colt Python cylinder the other day, and I am extremely pleased with the quality of work. The bluing is excellent, and it basically looks brand new. Thanks very much, and I won’t hesitate to recommend your shop to anyone that requires any type of rework on their firearm. Best regards.