Colt Revolver Evaluation

As an option to consider for $49.95, our head gunsmith with go through your Colt revolver in detail and evaluate the current mechanical specifications and originality assessment of your revolver. This service will include the following:

Mechanical Assessment

  • Timing in Single Action (Summary)
  • Timing in Double Action (Summary)
  • Trigger Pull (LBS)
  • Push Off (YES/NO)
  • End Shake/Head Space (B/C Gap) Value (in thousandths)
  • Throw-By (YES/NO)
  • Forcing Cone Cracks (YES/NO)

Originality Assessment

  • Date of Manufacture (DOM Year)
  • Period Specific Grips (YES/NO); if NO, what they should be.
  • Period Specific Front Sight (YES/NO); if NO, what it should be.
  • Period Specific Rear Sight (YES/NO); if NO, what it should be.