Our In-House Master Craftsman has built over 20,000 gun stocks

Here at Custom Shop, we are proud to offer high quality, hand crafted gun stocks with multiple options available. Built on-site by our Master Stock Craftsman, we use hand selected hardwoods in a variety of grades and types to match the palette of even the most discerning customer.

We take pride in every gun stock we create and with over 16 years experience, and more than 20,000 built, you are assured that your new stock will exceed your expectations. Whether you wish to restore and preserve your original gun stock or choose a completely new one, Custom Shop offers the finest in quality and customer satisfaction. Click the links below to explore our pre-made options or choose from our selection of blanks.

Custom In-House Checkering

We can match your old pattern or design one as unique as you. Pam’s work is absolutely gorgeous!