** MEDIA ALERT ** OUTDOOR CHANNEL PICKS UP “THE GUNFATHER” FOR SEASON 2 Network Green Lights 10 Episodes for its Fall/Winter 2015 Primetime Lineup WHO: “The Gunfather” debuted on Outdoor Channel in September 2014 and quickly became one of the network’s most popular series. The character-driven reality TV program introduced the nation to the hard-hitting Tuminaro family and their Montana-based gun shop, The Custom Shop. WHAT: “The Gunfather” revolves around the life of Louie Tuminaro, a native New Yorker who moved his family from the Big Apple to the small town of Hamilton, Montana to pursue his lifelong dream: to open the greatest gun shop in the west. That dream is now a reality having opened his family-run firearms sales and restoration business. Joining Louie on his journey and adjustment to small town life is his wife Theresa; father Joe, aka Pops; and his two teenage kids, Nicole and Alex. Each episode, Tuminaro takes viewers on the hunt for unique pieces that can be restored and sold at The Custom Shop. The cameras are rolling in the shop and around town capturing the behind-the-scenes inner family dynamics, the restoration of antique and collectable firearms and, of course, the interaction with customers and negotiation process that goes into every purchase and sale. WHY: The second season is expected to feature special guest stars and even more vintage firearms than the first. WHEN: The season two premier of “The Gunfather” is scheduled for Fall/Winter 2015. WHERE: Exclusively on Outdoor Channel. To find out how to get the network in your area, please visit For more information on The Custom Shop, go to # # # Media Contacts: The Gunfather & The Custom Shop / Branding & Business Development Louie Tuminaro Big Gun Production 406.375.5126

Lou Tuminaro’s ‘The Custom Shop’ Signs Primetime TV Production Deal With The Outdoor Channel

Montana-Based Firearms Sales and Restoration Company Receives Coveted 8PM Time Slot As The Network’s Newest Reality Program: The Gunfather

HAMILTON, Mont., Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Gunfather, scheduled to air Wednesday, October 1st at the 8pm EST primetime on the Outdoor Channel, is a reality TV series revolving around the daily lives of Lou Tuminaro and his family, and the benefits and challenges of operating their family firearm business. Lou is a New York transplant who packed up his wife (Theresa), father (Pops), and three kids in order to move to Montana and create The Custom Shop. The Custom Shop is dedicated to Tuminaro’s passion for the restoration and sales of vintage firearms. The program, dubbed “a blend of American Pickers, Orange County Choppers and American Restoration“, takes viewers on a continuous hunt for prospective buyers, sellers and Lou’s unique art of the sale. In addition to the “sale”, The Gunfather features a family dynamic definitely not indicative of rural Montana.

“I moved my family to Montana because Long Island, NY is not too conducive to a career in the firearms business,” states Lou Tuminaro. “We love Montana, and while I never imagined The Custom Shop evolving into a reality program, we like testing ourselves with new experiences and hope viewers agree that our personalities and business chops make for great television.”

BigGun Productions’ Vice President William Castro, a world-renowned automotive designer with a wealth of reality TV experience, marketing, and branding states, “I’ve known Lou since we were kids, and the metamorphosis of The Custom Shop to The Gunfather is a wonderfully natural evolution. We believe there is incredible opportunity for Lou’s brand, and we are exploring multiple product extensions and brand partnerships.”

About The Custom Shop The Custom Shop L.L.C. offers a range of services to help enhance your gun, restore, and protect it from the elements, in order to maintain its value. Let The Custom Shop help you bring out the best your gun has to offer and preserve its legacy for generations to come. For more information about The Custom Shop, please visit

About The Gunfather The Gunfather, a reality-based TV series airing on the Outdoor Channel, takes viewers into the life of Lou Tuminaro, a native New Yorker turned Hamilton, Montana transplant. Lou is the owner of The Custom Shop – a family-run firearms sales and restoration business. Tuminaro’s dream was always to open the greatest gun shop in the west, so he sold everything and moved his family across the country to make his dream a reality. Tuminaro is a no-nonsense negotiator who flaunts his knowledge of guns, Brooklyn attitude, and Vin Diesel appearance to cut the best deal possible every time – and drives his team of family and friends at The Custom Shop to restore each magnificent piece to perfection. Theresa Tuminaro, Lou’s wife and business manager, a tough Bronx-breed buxom beauty who is always dressed to the occasion, handles day-to-day operations in Lou’s absence; and, true to her Italian-American upbringing, has a well-earned nickname of “T-Bone.” Joining Lou and Theresa is Lou’s dad, Pops, a lovable and active senior whose work can never quite match up to Lou’s expectations. For trailers and preview information, visit the Outdoor Channel at



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